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Good Things Come To Those Who…

Like many sports lovers I bookmark my life by great sporting moments.

I remember where I was when David Platt scored that volley in Italia ’90, Devon Malcolm destroyed South Africa, Redgrave won his fifth gold, Lance Armstrong faked fatigue on Alpe d’Huez, Jonny dropped that goal and Jimmy Glass scored that goal…

And I remember what I was doing during the Olympics in 2008. Sitting in a hot flat in London trying to get to the South Pole whilst the global economy collapsed all around us.

Fast forward four years. Four fast and frustrating years. It’s Olympics time again. And still I am dreaming of that elusive South Pole.

If it was easy, of course, then there would be little point in bothering with it. And we are nearly there now.

But I hope I won’t be taking another photo like this one in 2016!

Good Things Come To Those Who...

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  1. This is not meant to depreciate your efforts to get to the South Pole but it’s just something I get asked occasionally: What if you’d spent the last four years pushing really hard on an ordinary job, living low and saving as much money as possibly… Would you be now on your way to the South Pole instead of sitting in a hot flat? (Figuravitely of course as this time of the year would be quite a terrible season to get to the SP…)

    I know my answer but just out of curiosity, what is yours?

    • Hi,
      For normal expeds I DEFINITELY would encourage people to go for this approach.
      But sadly this trip costs way more than 4 years salary!

      • Big thinks cost big money. I’ve been following the SP trip for a while and it’s very interesting one. Is everything now set so you can give it a go the next season?

        And in addition to the option of working few years to cover the costs… This is sort of part of my answer: Conventional jobs just don’t do for some people. Even though it might be economically stupid, it might be a lot more rewarding to concentrate on organizing the big trip the hard way (sponsorship).

  2. I’ve been following your progress on this for a while. Out of interest what does it cost to get the South expedition up and running?

    • More than a million pounds!

      • Just been to watch a talk by Cas and Jonesy in Sydney about their trip to the South Pole. Have you had any contact with them about their experiences? Also they walked with skis on – is the difference with your expedition that you don’t use skis? Sorry for all the questions but I’ve suddenly found myself looking up polar expeditions!

        • I’m sure their talk was fascinating. They did a great trip. We have been in touch with email.
          Our trip is actually very similar to theirs: on skis, pulling pulks.

          • Looked at your South website which says you’re heading off in October. Is that a confirmed departure? If it is I wish you all the best. The talk was pretty inspirational in that the two lads came across as very grounded but at the same time the levels of mental and physical strength required seemed incredible. Look forward to following your progress.

          • we hope to leave in October. Still need a bit more cash.. Fingers crossed!


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Get the latest news, updates and happenings via my shed-based newsletter.

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