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I am bidding a fond farewell to my shed and hitting the road for a while. Having cycled around the world and travelled to over 90 countries, can I find adventure cycling around home? (What does ‘home’ actually mean to me anyway after so long loving the adventurous nomad’s life?) And what is important about living adventurously – to me and to the people I meet along the road? I will be sharing my experiences on Instagram so please tag any friends who might enjoy following along with the journey. Although I am going to be posting content, I will not be engaging with social media whilst I’m away. No reading comments or messages, no scrolling, no email. In fact, no internet browsing at all, no music or podcasts. Not even any books to read. I want the full immersion and separation that is key to all the richest travel experiences, like in the olden days when you waved good-bye and set off to seek dragons and hoped that you would not fall off the edge of the earth. I can’t wait. To challenge myself on the trip I have decided to record my first-ever podcast. I am interested in being a beginner again, travelling in a different way, observing through a new prism, learning stuff.  When I cycled around the world I wanted to learn how to write. So I wrote a lot. (I took a mere 3000 photos in 4 years, and zero video). I used my walk across southern India to teach myself to take better photographs. And my trip into the Empty Quarter was a conscious effort to get to grips with story-telling through film-making. But the podcast is for further down the line. For now I hope that you enjoy seeing what I see along the way. I’m really looking forward to this ride. There be dragons out there. Dragons, plus the occasional cafe breakfast. #blog #bikepacking #cycletouring #adventure #travel #alpkit #goniceplacesdogoodthings #neverstopexploring #thenorthface

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Shouting from my shed

Get the latest news, updates and happenings via my shed-based newsletter.

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