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girl grass drawing microadventure

Kids Microadventure

Get a bunch of kids.

Let them walk over a big hill, eat outside, run a bit wild, jump in a river, toast marshmallows and sleep under the stars in their clothes.

Here is what happens:

Many thanks to all the children and teachers involved in this microadventure. Have a look at their class blog and read about the microadventure in their own words.

TWO YEARS LATER I returned to the school for another microadventure:

Two years ago, teacher Mrs Monaghan took her class on an overnight microadventure (video here:
Now, for their "Leavers' Treat", the children asked if they could go on another microadventure. I went along again to film how they got on.

(And here you can see how they got involved with my row across the Atlantic Ocean last year).

Has this inspired you to try a microadventure of your own? Why not make the most of next week’s solstice and give it a go? Find out more here.

Thank you to Alpkit for the bivvy bags and sleeping mattresses.

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  1. Jim Hardy Posted


    Have you read Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv? You might get an even stronger desire to organise more of these after 🙂

  2. Dear Alastair
    Thankyou for joining us on our trip. It was really good fun. Tyler’s favourite part of the trip was walking and his favourite activity was playing cricket with you. My favourite thing was playing tug of war across the stream and my favourite activity was sketching. We learned about different habitats we are looking forward to your desert video – when are you going to post it?
    From Anna and Tyler

    • Alastair Posted

      Hi Anna and Tyler,
      I’m glad you enjoyed it!
      My desert film is nearly finished. It should be ready this summer.

  3. Dear Alastair,
    Thank you for coming on our #microadventure. Was it cold or were you warm sleeping outside? Cameron said he was as snug as a bug in a rug, but I was cold round the campfire. We really enjoyed making the videos with you, and you were good at making golden marshmallows. We wish you had been there when we went stream dipping because we found a crayfish. What is your next adventure going to be?
    From Loui and Cam

  4. Dear Alastair,
    We enjoyed your visit to Marsett Barn, especially the story that you told us round the camp fire about travelling across the desert. We thought that you were really good at making s’mores! Perhaps next time you have a microadventure, you should take some marshmallows and chocolate.
    We learned that when you pick a rock up from the stream, you have to put it back in exactly the same place, because that is the habitat for different organisms, and if you don’t put it back, you could kill them.
    Would you like to come on another adventure with us, because we thought it was amazing that you came.

    From your adventure friends William and Joshua

  5. Dear Alastair,
    Thank-you for the video it was amazing . We loved you coming to Marsett barn, the best bit with you was the campfire. I enjoyed listening to your adventures and I liked doing the video. It was rather good and the best bit for us was the pond dipping because we caught a crayfish and a bullfish. Can you come on another adventure with us, please?
    Emily and Eve

  6. A huge thank you from myself and the children, who have rated the trip their ‘best school trip ever in the world’! Without your inspiration and encouragement, I shouldn’t imagine I would have organised a trip like that ever, but it certainly won’t be the last time – the whole philosophy of making your adventure work for you at your own level is so straightforward and liberating – it really is open to everyone. I am now a true convert! We look forward to following more of your adventures in the future, and you have a whole new band of young devotees here in Middleham!

  7. Luke Moseley Posted


  8. Great piece of work Alastair. It’s always great to see kids using their imaginations and learning outside.

    My wife and I are big fans are yours, and we have two small children that we took camping Europe for 3x months last year. I am hoping this video may just twist her arm in to trying bivvy’ing

  9. That was quite beautiful. And experiences like that in childhood stay with you in later life as well, in a good way.

  10. This is great. We are hoping that through our new not for profit initiative for Nearly Wild Camping locations around the UK, we will create a network of places and spaces people can experience the natural world and have many more microadventures.

  11. Hi Alistair,

    My husband bought me your book for Christmas and I’m totally hooked! I can’t wait to get out there and try a #microadventure.

    I have a three year old daughter, whom I’d love to bring with me.

    Do you (or any of the parents who have commented here) know what time of year would be a good time to introduce her to sleeping out doors? I’m worried about the cold and her safety, but I’m also itching to get started.



    • Alastair Posted

      I’d suggest waiting until it warms up a bit, but not so long that it is light until 10pm!
      Don’t worry about your 3 year old – so long as you have treats and warm bedding she will almost certainly cope far more enthusiastically than you! Good luck!



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