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A Question for Everyone…


A question for everyone…

The concept of Microadventures has 17,000 ‘Likes’ on Facebook. There are over 40 regional Microadventure Facebook Groups and around 40 people post about the hashtag everyday on social media.

…Therefore, what can be done with this? What can this community of like-minded people do together?

If we can leverage more people then the good stuff can grow far beyond just me, on my own, transmitting stuff on my website and Facebook.

Combined together, the Microadventure “tribe” has so much knowledge, expertise, gear, time and cash.

  • What can we do with this?
  • How can we help each other do more of the stuff we love?
  • How can we introduce new people to the idea of Microadventures?

I don’t know what the answers are, or what the direction should be. But I do know that the good stuff many people have enjoyed about Microadventures could be bigger, better and reach more people if only it took advantage of the tribe and didn’t just depend on me.

Please do contribute to the conversation in the comments below, or over on the original Facebook post, if you prefer. It would be great if you could share this question, this post, on your social media sites too to try to broaden the contributions we receive.

Thank you.

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  1. Al,

    i can fully imagine an app where people can add their trips and experiences with maps and details. then can be filtered to find things in area!

    can imagine it being really inspirational for people who want togo out but don’t have any idea where to start.

    e.g. i am going on business to middle england for a week and wanna try something in the area, i can give in my postcode and there is a selection of ideas within the search area from people! frees up people to do something in areas completely new and not just in regions they may already (think they) know without having to do too much searching or planning!

    nothing groundbreaking but a natural step maybe?

  2. Tommy Hayes Posted

    For me, I have been spreading this idea through word-of-mouth…I have probably talked about microadventures with two dozen of my friends and family. (I am not on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram…) And also by example – I went on a microadventure in June and another in November and told everyone about it. Maybe the social nature of the idea can be played up? Monthly get-togethers where you share photos and stories from your past micro- or macroadventures? Hold trip planning workshops at a local pub? Obviously the Internet has a big role, too…

  3. Andrew Wood Posted

    Hi Alastair. I think that Microadventures have great potential for the formation of small communuities in the urban sprawl to get together and be more pro-active in terms of protecting small, yet beautiful and precious wee places that are local to them. It could be a powerful tool for grass roots conservation. Not to mention a weapon against the growing sentiment of ‘stranger danger’ which is ripping said small communities to shreds by the hour! Microadventures are a great oppurtunity to grant people a sense of discovery and untapped pride in their immediate surroundings. Remind them how precious our dwindling green belt and diminishing wildlife is, and how awesome life is outside of our comfort zones.
    I slept in an army bivvy on top of Ben Narnain in March after walking the Arrochar Alps solo. Lying on my side, I watched an arctic hare hop around the summit cairn as the sun dropped behind the distant hills, and, suffering horrendous ‘bivvy insomnia’ I imagined gravity reversing, and myself flying off the summit into the stars. Hours passed, until a glowing pearlescent ribbon of mist snaked overhead, transforming into shards of light that reminded me of shadows at the foot of a doorway. It was incredible, as if I was witnessing something secret, something ancient and important. It quietly disappeared and I was left to meet the sunrise, my boots, socks and bivvy frozen and my heart singing. I reluctantly left the comfort of my sleeping bag and scrambled backdown to the warm valley, meeting bemused walkers on the way up. One asked me where I’d been, and I told him. He looked unsure how to take my response. A buzzard rode the morning thermals above me as I descended. I carried on down, very proud and ridiculously grateful for making that decision to commit and do it. Everyone needs this feeling- if only once. It’s enough to make you consider your worth, and your insignificance in the vast brilliance of our existance. Microadventures make the experience sound small, when they are anything but! Sorry for my ramble, but the value of Microadventures just can’t be quantified. They give a vital perspective on life. Thanks for all the inspiring ideas Al, keep it up. If I can find photos from my trip I will send them, should you be interested 🙂

  4. Excellent question!

    I have been asking myself the same thing. Me and Anna Hughes are going to start monthly rides to the coast (from London, sometimes overnight) and we’d really like to lure people who wouldn’t normally do such a silly thing.

    There is something psychologically transformational about making your own way around a territory. Psychogeographers would say that our passage gives us possession. That sort of liberation shouldn’t be the exclusve preserve of crank-heads already mad on bike touring. In fact, it would be most powerful for people who feel excluded or unentitled.

    I volunteer at a charity that fixes up bikes for refugees (The Bike Project) and I’m hoping that we can persuade some of them to join us. 🙂

    If you can think of any other groups, give me a shout!

    (And Merry Christmas!)



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