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Microadventure Solstice Challenge: the Winners

I have been delighted with the response to the summer solstice microadventure challenge this year.

It has been wonderful to see so many people sleeping out in the open for the first time. People have gone alone, with friends, with strangers, colleagues, family or their dog.

Despite the weather being pretty terrible, virtually everyone seems to have enjoyed the experience.

It sounds corny, but I think everyone who went on a microadventure is a winner. Having prizes for such an inherently non-competitive thing feels a little odd. But on the other hand, everyone likes prizes!

And the prizes we have are fabulous, thanks entirely to the great folks at Trek Bikes, howies, Osprey Packs and Mountain Equipment. I am really grateful to them for the prizes, for their support, and for adding an air of authenticity to my silly idea. Thank you.

Here then are the overall winning entries:

3rd Prize – Dan and Leo Knapp camping out under the stars

  • £200 Trek Bikes Voucher
  • howies Microadventure Organic Cotton T-Shirt
  • Mountain Equipment Powerstretch Beanie and Powerstretch Touch Grip Glove
  • Osprey Packs

2nd Prize – Christoph Dressler’s photoblog of his microadventure

  • £400 Trek Bikes Voucher
  • howies Outback Towpath Epic Shorts
  • Mountain Equipment Ion Bivi bag
  • Osprey Packs

1st Prize – Steve Coffey and his colleagues’ office microadventure

  • £600 Trek Bikes Voucher
  • howies Outback Soft Shell Jacket
  • Mountain Equipment Helium 400 Sleeping bag
  • Osprey Packs


It was difficult to choose between many of the entries. But I hope that you enjoy our picks and that they inspire you to keep on doing microadventures and spreading the word.

There were lots of really good submissions. Here are some other really good entries:










Special mention also to Thomas Grunwell for sending a postcard. And to Anna, for writing this poem!


Well, an adventure that’s micro
Sounds like something I can do!
The summer solstice most opportune
For a night outside: just me, the stars and the moon.

Thursday night spent gathering my stuff,
Thermals, hat and fancy new buff.
Hammock, sleeping bag and silky liner,
For a night outside, what could be finer?

Stove – check, tinned stew – check,
Went out of date last year but what the heck?
More food gathered then off goes the telly,
Ready for a night outside, sleeping on a full belly

Next evening on a train packed with townies,
Them in a suit, me wearing Howies.
London to Brighton, what a quick trip
For a night outside, and maybe a dip

A few hours spent in grinding gear
Until I get to the hill top – I’m finally here!
I pick my spot and unpack my stuff,
A night outside – check me sleeping rough!

Hammock slung, stew on the heat,
Recalling the use-by date of the meat.
Flirting with food poisoning, oh what a lark
During a night outside, alone in the dark!

Down went the sun and out came a critter,
An owl for company as I’m busy on Twitter
Informing #microadventure of my derring-do –
A night outside listening to the twit and the twoo

There I lie, snug in a cocoon,
Wispy clouds bathed in the light of the moon.
Not feeling cold as followed the secret we know –
For a night outside, wear Howies merino

Drifting off on a hill so high,
Thanking my luck it was nice and dry.
Some quality sleep that only fresh air can bring,
During a night outside near Chanctonbury Ring

Morning came and so for that matter
Did a gentle shower – a light pitter-patter.
Up I get, hammock and sleeping bag rolled,
I’d spent a night outside – wasn’t I bold?!

Never mind I thought, just a bit of rain,
Here it’s refreshing, only in cities a strain.
And who cares about the wind and descending mist?
All part of a night outside – I got the gist

Soon it picked up and was whipping my hair
So off I went, I was outta there!
An adventurous cycle from the top of the Down,
After a night outside, I headed back to town

Boarded the train and soon back at mine,
A fresh convert to the world of 5 to 9.
I loved sleeping amongst the birds and the trees
A night outside – thanks howies – Organic clothing, thanks Al Humphreys!

by Anna Williams

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  1. Thanks for mentioning my write up.

    We had a great time on our trip. I think we’re going out again with the bivvy bags on Monday.

    This challenge is what gave us the push to use the bivvy bags for the first time.


  2. I really love the whole concept of the Micro Adventure. Very inspiring. Looks like I need to pick up a bivvy and get out there. Hoping there is another challenge next year!



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