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2017 Update: Alastair is no longer visiting schools in order to try to find a little more time for book writing. Many apologies!


“I thought it was going to be a bit boring (sorry!) but I really enjoyed it; it made me laugh!”

– Rachel (Y10), Corpus Christi School, Preston

“The things that struck me most was that you had an idea, you built on it, worked on it and succeeded.”

– Frannie (Age 14), Repton School

“He was brilliant – humble, funny, engaging. I’mve never had so much positive feedback from parents and staff who say he was the best in my 8 years as Head.”

– St Olave’s School, York

“A better prizegiving speech than Ranulph Fiennes or Bobby Charlton”

– Thornton Grammar School, Bradford

A teaching graduate of Oxford University, Alastair gave hundreds of slideshows to thousands of children around the globe during his cycling journey. Now he is excited to be visiting schools in Britain, sharing his varied experiences with pupils of all ages through a presentation crammed with adventure.

Presented by a teacher with excellent communication skills, this provides a perfect educational experience: for pupils to learn about challenge, risk, geography, citizenship, history, cultural awareness, moral and social issues and much more without feeling as though they are ‘learning’.

Alastair is also available to do Skype Question & Answer sessions for any classes who have been studying his children’s books about cycling round the world.

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There are references from some of Alastair’s school visits at the bottom of the page, and a magazine article on his educational work for Sustrans here. Read a teacher’s viewpoint on Alastair’s visit to his school here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any additional information. We sincerely hope that you will invite Alastair to your school for a novel and memorable learning experience. After all, life is too short for a second rate education.

Primary school children may enjoy this video:

Whilst these may appeal to older students:

Listen to the first chapter of Alastair’s book for children below. The second chapter is here.

Please also download the free learning resources below. The Expedition Planning lessons can be used prior, or following Alastair’s visit to allow pupils to think on their own about, and expand ideas from Alastair’s subject. The Travel writing lesson is an example of how Alastair’s visit to your school could be used in a broader context.

RTWBB expedition planner – Junior
RTWBB expedition planner – Senior Year 8 Travel Writing Lesson-outline
Year 8 Travel Writing Lesson-handout
Writing Frame

One school Alastair has talked at produced this series of lesson plans for Year 8/9 relating to his talk. They have kindly allowed us to share them. They will download when you click on the links:

World Challenge Geography Quiz
World Challenge Geography Quiz answer sheet
The ‘Stans. powerpoint
The ‘Stans lesson description
Teaching Notes
List of states
Introduction powerpoint
Introduction lesson description
China powerpoint
China lesson description
America lesson description
America powerpoint
Africa powerpoint
Africa lesson description
Africa Atlas Dominoes


“It was the first time in our lives we heard people talking about such unbelievable things. We would like to be journalists, engineers, doctors, footballers, IT teachers. Now we believe we can make our dreams come true and we will succeed. When you talked to us, we felt it could change our lives.” – West Acton College

“Everyone in the staff room was singing your praises the next day!” – Chafyn Grove School

“Inspirational, young speaker who will inspire some of our boys to do something challenging during their lives. Please come back again.” – Horris Hill

“Alastair thrilled and inspired the pupils of 7 Lancaster Bike It Schools with tales of his adventure. He tailored his talk to the 2 different age groups (infants and juniors) perfectly and all were completely captivated! He left pupils determined to cycle to school and to have their own adventures. Everyone in Lancaster is talking about it!” – Bike It (Sustrans)

“The two talks you gave were absolutely superb. The boys talked about it enormously and the staff have not stopped talking about it yet” – Shrewsbury School

“I thought it was going to be a bit boring (sorry!) but I really enjoyed it; it made me laugh!” – Rachel (Y10), Corpus Christi, Preston

“Brilliant.” – The Dragon School, Oxford

“He has a hugely interesting story to tell, which in itself is captivating, but his talk is even better than that – it was by turns inspiring, amusing, uplifting and educational. The sixth formers reported that the talk was the best sixth form lecture they had had this year, and we will certainly look forward to Alastair coming back on a future occasion to repeat the talk. Very strongly recommended indeed.” – St Edwards, Oxford

“Alastair gives a compelling talk about his super-human feat – His open and fresh style captivates his audience.” – Hampton School

“One of the best talks we have had in school, you could surely make a living from it!!” – Guildford High School

“One of the most enjoyable talks that we have ever had and as good as the talk that we had by Bear Grylls.” Year 10 Pupil, Guildford High School

“The talk was excellent in every way and more than exceeded our expectations! I was interested by how much interest they showed in the personal development/challenge aspect” – Eaton Square School, Kensington

“The teachers looked as though they were in a trance.” – William. Yr 4. Eaton Square School

“We took a ‘gamble’ in suspending timetables to bring a truly amazing achievement to the attention of our learners – this was repaid massively. All gained masses of knowledge and an understanding about what can be achieved, if you dare to live your dreams.” – Rivington and Blackrod High School

“They loved it! Inspirational!” – Cheney School, Oxford

“The children were spellbound and so were the staff. I also would say that Alastair would make an excellent after dinner speaker for an adult gathering. Fantastic!” – Anderton Primary School

“Your patience and understanding of the children was excellent – you encouraged them to think! This is a geography lesson like no other – thoughtful, unpretentious delivery.” – Chewton Mendip VA Primary School

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