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There are so many challenges to overcome before an author gets to call themselves an ‘author’ and hold their very own book in their hands. In my adventure world these include:

  1. Going on an exciting adventure
  2. Writing the book
  3. Getting it published

But then comes another phase: Getting anyone to read the book!

From years of painful experience, I know how hard this can be.

I’ve now published a bunch of books and built up an interested, relevant online audience for adventure stuff. So I figured I might be able to help new writers with Phase 4.

If you have recently published your first travel book, you are very welcome to send me a copy and I will do my best to share it on Twitter (45,000 people) and/or my email newsletter (29,000 people).  I will not be saying “this is brilliant” or “this is terrible”. All I am doing is saying, “this is a new travel / adventure book from a new writer – see if it tickles your fancy.”

A few things:

  • I am only going to share books relevant to my audience. If you follow me online you should have a feel for what they are. Broadly speaking, it has to involve adventurous travel.
  • I read a lot of books, but not that many travel books any more. I generally read books because they are recommended to me, not because they are new. I will certainly dip into your book and, if I love it I will devour it. But I can’t promise I’ll read it all.
  • I am deliberately not going to offer my personal opinion on the books that I Tweet about.
  • I might receive more books than I’m willing to share, so I can’t promise I’ll post them all. I will do my best.
  • I own more books than a man needs, so I might give away some of the copies after use. I will give them to good causes – charity raffles, adventure events etc. So please do sign your copy, but don’t write anything specific for me in the book.
  • I will only accept printed copies of published books. For the pure ease of my readers, the book must be listed for sale online on Amazon. (We can have the ‘Amazon are horrible’ conversation in the pub one evening, if you wish!)
  • In an attempt to minimise email in my life, I might well not contact you about your book. Please don’t see this as rudeness – it’s certainly not my intention! I just need to make this simple if it is to continue.
  • Please send your book to:

FAO:Alastair Humphreys (Book Reviews)
c/o S J Hobbes
Hook Green Lodge
DA13 9NQ

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  1. Some books are worth to read even if someone don’t recommend it to you..
    Give it a try.. Just sharing Personal Experience



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Shouting from my shed

Get the latest news, updates and happenings via my shed-based newsletter.

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