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Information about Inflatable Boats for River Microadventures

Packraft from above

Following last week’s Source to Sea video I’ve had several emails asking about inflatable boats.

I can’t over-state how much fun it is to paddle down a river.
So here are a few suggestions:

So don’t let money prevent you getting out there and doing stuff. A £40 rubber dingy would be perfect for a river such as this one.

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  1. Here’s proof – adventure on a lilo!

  2. Love your blog;thank you very much for the advice.

  3. Dave fowler Posted

    Found your blog by accident… Fantastic. Book is on it’s way. Can I ask, many people have said you need a license to travel on uk rivers!!! Does this mean I can’t try the source to sea on the river Adur in the south east?

  4. Mick Bailey Posted

    I love that you took the wrong river and even more that it didn’t matter.

  5. It looks like you have had some amazing adventures with your inflatable boat. It is good to know that a boat like this can be acquired for a reasonable price and so one should not let budget prevent possible memories. Something else to consider would be to practice proper safety precautions when on the water.



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Shouting from my shed

Get the latest news, updates and happenings via my shed-based newsletter.

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