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The Doorstep Mile: Living More Adventurously, Every Day



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The Oxford Dictionary defines adventure as an ‘unusual, exciting or daring experience’, and being ‘willing to take risks or to try out new methods, ideas, or experiences’.

Would you like to live more adventurously? I know that I certainly would.

And this has nothing to do with cycling continents, crossing deserts, or even sleeping in a tent. I see living adventurously as being much broader than that. Living adventurously is an attitude with which you charge at life, and it applies whether you cycle across a continent, sleep on a nearby hill, take up a musical instrument, write a book or start an email newsletter.

As much as you probably like the idea of lighting even a little fire under your life, I know how hard it can be to actually make any changes.

We all dream of achieving the extraordinary in our lives, our personal version of trekking to the South Pole. Having failed at that myself, but eventually come out the other end smiling, I now believe there is something even more important than striving for the remarkable. And that is to stop dreaming about an ‘adventure of a lifetime’, and instead pursue a lifetime of living adventurously through a daily pledge to push myself a little, scare myself now and then, and remain curious.

I have seen in my own life, amongst the frustrations of real life, the shortage of time and money, the excess of distractions and chores, the childcare, the thwarted fantastical daydreams, and my sheer lazy procrastination, that there remains a yearning to do a little bit more with my life.

This series is my attempt to figure out how to go about living adventurously amidst the chaos of ‘real life’. I hope that the journey might spark a few fires for you as well. The hardest part of any journey, my expeditions have taught me, is taking the first step and beginning.

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Dream Big but Start Small.

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Shouting from my shed

Get the latest news, updates and happenings via my shed-based newsletter.

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