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Shouting from my Shed – 28

Bashi-bazouks! I am exhausted! I have been charging round like a maniac this week, though I suspect 99% of people would describe it as ‘going to work’. I’ve had to catch trains at rush hour, sit in an office for hours on end, and even wear a tie (for a talk)! Anyone sympathetic? No, thought not…

Anyway, the busy-ness came from recording the audio version on My Midsummer MorningPutting the final touches to a book is a weird feeling – okaying the cover, sorting the photos, final scan for typos. It’s a mixture of control freak panic, weary relief, melancholy, and a reckless feeling of I-don’t-care-any-more-Take-this-away-from-me! If you’re an audiobook fan you can pre-order My Midsummer Morning here. In other good book news, Great Adventurers has won the fab Standford’s Children’s Travel Book of the Year award. Alhamdulillah!

Let nobody tell you that any ‘adventure’ is harder than a week of commuter trains and limp sandwiches! I think I’ve earned a lie-down and a good movie binge:

Finally, let me know where you’re reading this newsletter! Hello to Helen on her horse in Wales, Erik in the Egyptian desert and Chantae in Fiji! You lot don’t know what hard work is. Not like me. I went to an office last week. Yeah.

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Shouting from my shed

Get the latest news, updates and happenings via my shed-based newsletter.

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