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My Spring Microadventure


The Year of Microadventure project is gathering pace nicely, gathering plenty of new recruits as the weather improves. The idea is simple: spend one night a month under the stars for a year.

I’mve always known that some people will struggle to commit to a night a month and that others would not be keen to kip out in January or February. But the whole point of microadventures is to make adventure fit around the constraints in your life, not the other way round. And so I hope that lots of people will commit to at least spending one night out in the wild once a season.

Four nights a year – spring, summer, autumn and winter: anyone can manage that if they want to.

On Friday it was the spring equinox, when the hours of daylight and darkness are equal. It’s the start of spring and those lovely long, light days. So I headed out to sleep on a hill. I made a little fire, cooked a steak, drank a beer or two, and slept under the stars.

Smug food photos on social media are tedious. But here's my campfire steak and mug of ale. #microadventure #equinox #steak #ale #food #diptych

In the morning I made coffee and bacon and eggs on the fire then headed for home.

It was wonderful.
The video at the top of the post tells my tale.

Coffee in the woods

I challenge you to remind yourself of the wild universe out there beyond your house, office and commute and get involved in a microadventure this spring.

I suggest that you go for your microadventure in the same spot each season.

See how different it feels in spring, summer, autumn and winter. See how different you feel.

Do it with the same friends each time; do it with different people each time; do it by yourself ‘“ whatever you wish.

Start making plans now.

Think of a convenient but beautiful place you’d like to go to. Remember that you will be going there four times this year in spring, summer, autumn and winter so try to pick somewhere that will work well and look good in all seasons. (For example, I’mm looking forward to observing how different the trees look over the four seasons). Make it simple enough so that you actually do it.

You can, of course, go where you like and do what you like, with whoever you want! But this list may help you hatch some nice ideas to spread over these four microadventures

  • Swim wild ‘“ in a river, lake or sea
  • Go solo
  • Go with a friend
  • Go with a family member
  • Go with people from work
  • Take someone on their first microadventure
  • Take a child for their first microadventure
  • Make a cup of tea on a stove you have made yourself
  • Get there by bike
  • Get there on foot
  • Paddle a river ‘“ by canoe or tractor inner tube
  • Learn to identify a new bird or new tree each month
  • Forage for your food, or at least pick some blackberries
  • Go with some random people you meet online via #microadventure. (Find a Microadventure Facebook Group near to you.)

This is a great chance for all the Facebook Groups to spring into action and perhaps arrange a communal meeting point. 

If you are new to microadventures, here is all the info you’ll need to make this easy, fun, comfortable and safe for you. My friends at Alpkit have put together this great bundle of Microadventure kit if you need to buy anything.

Whatever you choose to do, please share your photos on the Facebook page and use the #microadventure hashtag on Instagram and Twitter. I’mm looking forward to seeing what everyone gets up to!

If you’re not able to commit to a night out every month, then this is a great chance to at least get out once a season.

Please share this with any folk who might enjoy it too. The more the merrier!

And if you haven’t bought the Microadventures book, please do! It’s ace. I think.



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  1. Nice video and article. I do have to ask though. Does it bother you having to film the whole trip? It seems like with a camera and doing the videos that you and others do, it leads to somewhat of a mediated experience. That your acting out certain things instead of actually just being there, living in the moment. For example, instead of just enjoying the fire or the sunset, one instead thinks and figures out a way to turn it into a great clip instead of just observing. To be clear, I am not trying to call you out or anything. I know that its part of how you make a living and individual tastes vary, but I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on this.

  2. Peter Reilly Posted

    Al Brilliant Video – Just a quick geeky question [pushes up glasses] what Drone are you using?

  3. Lovely stuff, the video encapsulates everything I love about this wild camping. Great stuff.

  4. I love it!! My biggest constraints are my three dogs, who would love nothing more than to get into “adventures” of their own (likely causing trouble for Mama). Do you travel with dogs?

  5. Dovydas Posted

    I have a very similar concept of trying to go out and spend a night in the forest every season.
    I can’t tel you how much I have struggled to find nice and quiet place within 1-2h train ride from London. Not to mention simple desire to be able to make responsible fire, practice bushcraft and survival skills.
    I can’t go on big long trips so I’ve been doing varied small adventures for about 5 years now and it’s great, I love it. I’m glad you gave it a name!
    You are a true ambassador of MICROADVENTURES. I very much admire your energy and dedication in promoting it.

    Since I started my own micro adventures I’ve told so many people about it in order to motivate those around me. Most of them have no idea how much fun is there to be had! Shame not many people I talked to dear to step out of their comfort zone.
    Even more interesting those that I meet trough a mountaineering club are people that like outdoors and they seem to have other common excuse. “you must be very organised” is what I often hear. There’s a bit of truth there. You have to be organised, plan ahead and discipline yourself in order to pool off nice short successful adventure.
    I’d like our paths cross one day. There would be what to talk about, but most importantly what a fresh breath of air to meet a same minded person and get inspired or inspire.

    All the best and don’t spend too much time at rest 🙂


  6. Love your blogs and videos. I’m curious about wild camping and the law in the UK. As someone who is making a living out of his wild camping experiences, what is your advice on this subject?

  7. Let me know when you do the autumn video and I’ll try to join you (err…. if you don’t mind)!
    Totally inspirational video – thanks.



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