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Your Year of Microadventure Calendar

Your Summer of Microadventure

My big online push this year is to get people to commit to a year of microadventure – making the effort once a month to get out into the wild. It’s been a good success so far. We have 14,000 people signed up to the Microadventures Facebook page, and over 40 regional Facebook Microadventure groups.

But I knew that beginning this campaign in January was going to be difficult. I’mm particularly keen to attract newcomers to the microadventure movement, yet I knew that January was not a great time for trying to persuade people to sleep on a hill! So I always intended to ramp up the campaign once the spring sunshine began to shine.

And so, if you’re not already on board, why not begin Your Year of Microadventure in May? Here’s the challenge:

  • To sleep out, just once a month, every month for a year.
  • If you are new to camping, the outdoors, adventure then you are especially welcome! These posts will tell you how to do everything. And your local Facebook Microadventure group will help you find a place to go, and even new friends to go with if you’d like that.
  • I’mm vaguely trying to get people to do it on the same dates. This helps build a bit of online camaraderie, but more importantly it helps overcome inertia and procrastination. Obviously you can do it whenever you like, but here’s how the schedule looks if you’d like to add the dates to your diary.
  • Begin your year in May. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it and want to carry on through into next January and round to May.

Keen? Vaguely tempted? Good! Send this article to a couple of friends (it’s easier to commit when there’s a few of you involved) and then read this in-depth piece which explains everything in proper detail.

Here’s what I got up to for the spring equinox:

See you on the hills!



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  1. Oh wow – I simply love this idea, I feel the need to have this on my wall somewhere as a reminder! Thank you 🙂

  2. Goldghost Posted

    A few years ago I was working in near Borough Market in London on the Southbank. IO was commuting down from north London zone 3 and finally found the tube unbearable in the morning an pledged never to use it to commute in rush hour again.

    From that point on I got up at dawn and walked the 8 and a half miles into work every morning. A fantastic microadventure walking down through Holloway, Kings X, through Smithfields market, past St Pauls and over the Millenium Bridge passing the Tate Modern. London is an amazing city for walking.



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Shouting from my shed

Get the latest news, updates and happenings via my shed-based newsletter.

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