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Summer Solstice Microadventure Challenge Returns!

Have fun. Win stuff.

We are into June already. Midsummer is approaching. It’s not long now until the longest day of the year.

In other words: it’s time to start making the most of the summer, making the most of the light evenings, and getting out on microadventures!

Today begins the third annual Summer Solstice Microadventure Challenge. Last year we had hundreds of entries. It was fantastic to see people all over the world giving it a go.

If you go on a microadventure between now and the end of June, you could win some excellent prizes from Mountain Equipment, Osprey, Kammok and Harper Collins.

Booby prizes include copies of my books and microadventure t-shirts.

In addition, anyone who participates will receive a free, personalised Ordnance Survey map from MyMiniMap.

Here is the plan for people who like a similar level of detail in their life as me:

  • Go on a microadventure between now and June.
  • Share your story online.
  • Win stuff (maybe). Feel good (definitely, unless it rains like last year).

ME Ion Bivi Storm ME-AEON-JACKET-MENS-IMPERIAL-RED ME_STARLIGHT_I_FLAME_1 Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 11.54.14 kmk_roo_red microadventure-Tee-portrait1 MiniMap being held cropped_1 086518-FC3D (2)

Here is the detailed plan:

  • Go on a microadventure. This can be anything you like (ideas below), anywhere in the world. It must entail sleeping out in the wild for at least one night, without a tent. Bivvy bags and hammocks are good. So too are morning swims in rivers.
  • Share your story online. Add the hashtag #microadventure to anything you post on Twitter or Instagram. You can post stuff on the Microadventures Facebook Group (please ‘Like‘ it if you haven’t already). If you make a film (hint: we like films, even on Vine or Instagram) or write a blog post, please tag it with ‘microadventure’ and send me the link.
  • The closing date for entries is bedtime on June 30th.

Other Stuff:

To get your free Ordnance Survey map for your microadventure, Tweet the guys at MyMiniMap and they’ll sort out the details from you:

@MyMiniMap I’mm doing the Solstice Microadventure Challenge & would love a free waterproof #MyMiniMap! #microadventure

For a bit of inspiration, here are some previous winning entries:

If you have any questions about this microadventure challenge, please get in touch. It’s pretty simple though – go and do something cool, then stick your stories online somewhere that I can see them.

Good luck!

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Get the latest news, updates and happenings via my shed-based newsletter.

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