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My Ten Most Interesting Photos

I really enjoy photography and am starting to build up a nice range of different images. So I decided to steal this idea from Tom Allen’s site and show today my 10 Most Interesting photos, as determined by the clever robots inside Flickr.

A nice fellow named Prince Albert I met in Camden. He used to work in Barclays bank.

lost for words

My brother’s dog. The “Interestingness” robots in Flickr do seem to have a fondness for puppies and kittens.

Dog plus mud = bliss

Jumping into the sea at sunset. Using the self timer. The concept is easy: set your timer. Jump off the harbour wall into the sea at the exact moment the shutter fires.
Easier said than done. Great fun trying though.

Jumping into the sea at sunset. Using the self timer

After an unsuccessful evening of street photography in London with my friend Jim (who designed my Ten Lessons book) I took this final picture as we waited for the Tube back home.

Late night on the Underground

Snow in London! Very exciting…

A wintry Big Ben in the snow

Happy Birthday, Mum! Taken in western China.

"Happy Birthday, Mum!" xinjiang, western china

A mini world map in my diary, a notebook, and a couple of cups of coffee. Where shall I go this year..? I love planning trips. Far more fun than the reality.

Expedition planning

From a brief dabble in wedding photography. I don’t really like this picture though. (I prefer this one). A henna party to paint the hands of the bride-to-be, eat vast amounts of delicious food and have a great party.

Henna Night

Training for the Bob Graham Round in the Lake District.

Training for the Bob Graham Round in the Lake District.

Map reading in the desert.

Map reading in the desert

Rain in Trafalgar Square.

Rain in Trafalgar Square

Muslim woman and scuba diver at the giant aquarium inside the Dubai mall.

Muslim woman and scuba diver

OK, I stretched it to 12. Sorry.

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  1. Karl Olive Posted

    the Dubai picture is immesnse! Both of them looking the same way, both in masks. Welldone.

  2. Sandra Posted

    It took me a while to work out the Trafalgar square umbrellas. A sensational image.

  3. David Fredericks Posted

    Some old classics here Al that I’ve seen before, but still really good to see them. Super post. Please share more photography with us.
    I love the dude in Camden. I’ve met him too – he is a nice old man.

  4. Awesome pics !
    Love “jumping into sea”…would never believe it could be done with self timer…got to try it !
    London in snow is amazing ! It’s like Seattle -gray and depressing , but totally transforms when covered in snow …
    But the last one ?!…was staring at it for some time before reading the description…was a contrast !

  5. simon owens Posted

    Map reading in the desert was the best one for me. You look totally in control in the middle of nowhere-brilliant!

  6. The Bob Graham Round photograph is mystical, love the contrast between the darkness on the right and light on the left.

  7. Unimpressed with the Flickr ratings. Some of your photos highly rated on there seemed to me nowhere near as good as some not rated at all. You could pick ten of your photos at random and they would be almost as good (not including the ones you deleted and never showed, obviously…)

    I mean, the first 2 do nothing for me.

    That jumping silhuotte (sic) one, now we are talking. I bet I could try for hours and never get that.

  8. Actually, now I think about it, the dog photo is a very good one from an artistic point of view, maybe I’m just not a dog lover.

  9. Hamish Moffatt Posted

    All fantastic. Thanks for sharing Alastair.

  10. Hi Alastair,

    For me, it’s the rain in Trafalgar Square. They almost look as though they are walking on water. All very good, though. Thanks!

  11. Best pictures ever – life, colours, depth, focus, light, subject, contrast – amazing.

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Get the latest news, updates and happenings via my shed-based newsletter.

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