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The vision for SOUTH

What is our vision for SOUTH and what do we hope to achieve, long term, from the expedition? My opinions:

SOUTH is an exciting, adventurous, enormously ambitious project. It has all the ingredients to inspire the development of a leading learning and quality culture, to promote the pursuit of the highest levels of integrity, quality, and professionalism.
We believe that the experiences of SOUTH can help other people achieve their potential and make a difference, personally as well as professionally. Though SOUTH is but two men, we are conscious that we are always part of a community, and that means a great deal to us. So this idea of giving back and driving change for improvement is critical. Every day is a new day, and every day we have the opportunity to become better; as people, to those we work with, and to what we are in society.
We are both motivated people, energized and enthusiastic, determined to pursue our passions and ensure that we maximize our abilities.
But achieving potential isn’t just about us – it’s about those who follow the expedition and our stakeholders achieving their potential too. SOUTH involves great teamwork, a great respect for difference, and a great respect for people who are looking at their own challenges and solving them.
Environmental awareness has changed corporate planning, organizations, corporate accountability, and accounting. SOUTH is a flagship for the imperative for changing habits and attitudes. Today corporate responsibility is seen as a business imperative. It’s not enough to think of profit and loss only. These are highly relevant issues and sponsors taking steps to make their organization more sustainable, and anything else that makes a positive difference, send an important message to their people and recruits. We know that young workers expect a level of commitment to these issues. And that commitment has to be credible, meaningful, and complete. When they see that kind of effort, it tells them this is a place where they can be part of solutions to problems they care very much about. It is a wonderful way to inspire them. Corporate responsibility includes the full range of doing the right things in the market, in the workplace, and in the community.
Where’s the payoff for sponsors? They get better people. Because when their people grow outside of the office, and they get a chance to make a difference, they achieve more of their own potential, and they become even more creative and thoughtful about every aspect of their work.
We have broadened our view of what it means to be part of change. We can get energy out of disappointment and build things despite setbacks. We are looking to create value in society, and to endorse nonprofit organizations. We want to celebrate that: it’s inspiring, and it underscores the importance of people willing to have a vision and go through all the barriers to achieve things, and make society better.
But we need to focus to ensure that we can make an impact. SOUTH sees corporate responsibility as an entire wheel, not just the environment, not just communities, and not just workplace issues. So SOUTH is focusing on three big areas – knowledge, environment and education.
The vision of SOUTH has tremendous potential. We need only to find the right bold organization to stride forward with us into an exciting future.

Now, if you buy all that, have a look at this interview

and you will see how I believe that SOUTH is applicable and relevant to so many corporate situations. It’s a bit cheeky, but I feel it makes a good point.

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