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Winter Microadventure Winners


The solstice microadventure challenges (both summer and winter) are becoming popular, regular excuses to get outdoors for a night. If you are going to participate in the Year of Microadventure Challenge then they’ll be important cornerstones of your year. (You can get involved here.)

The idea is simple – head out for a night, have fun, share your story. The “best” (whatever that means) will win a copy of the Microadventures book or t-shirt. Not a great prize, clearly! Mainly the whole event is just an excuse to persuade people to get out into the wild a bit more.

Here are some examples of what people got up to over the last few weeks. I’mll notify the “winners” by email. Thank you, and well done, to all who got involved. Let’s make this a great year of microadventures – join in here and get involved in one microadventure each month through 2015.

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 10.57.20

Cycling #festive #norfolk #100miler #microadventure #wintersolstice

A photo posted by Patrick Bishop (@paddybishop) on

Unexpectedly snug as a bug in a rug on our winter solstice #microadventure. What an awesome place to sleep the night, to the sound of the sea, hammocked in swaying pine forest, a few metres from sanddunes where we cooked and watched the best shooting stars of our lives! Couldn't believe I woke up in the night TOO HOT so that I had to take my arms out of the bag, then slept til 8am 🙂 Thanks to Jess for letting me borrow her pukka sleeping bag and roll mat and for donating her delicious adventure food. Thanks too to the parking and woods security man and his xmas goodwill leniancy… 😉 This marks the start of a #microadventure 2015 with @shriker and @piyratejim and more, looking forward to it 🙂 @anjalindberg90 @awanderingmark @al_humphreys

A photo posted by shaun hurréll (@shaunexplore) on

Backwater river swim #explore #henleyonthames #microadventure

A photo posted by George Raine (@george.raine) on

#microadventure First day of 2015 – 10 people camping out on a hill in London. Badass! #badass!!!

A photo posted by Danny Bent (@huggingadventurer) on

Happy New Year #microadventure Its freezing outside my sleeping bag. Cheers for the fireworks display Surrey

A photo posted by Rubber Duck (@rubberducksuk) on

And a couple of nice blog posts:
1. A father and son adventure
2. The tale of someone’s first night out

Now, come on, join in!
Your Year of Microadventure

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Get the latest news, updates and happenings via my shed-based newsletter.

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