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You say it's impossible

It can feel both unpleasant and somewhat risky to change your own world. But perhaps it’s even more risky to do nothing. Even more risky not to try to discover how good life can be, both for yourself and for those you care about. What you will regret in times to come are the chances you didn’t take, the initiative you didn’t show, what you didn’t do.

If you say it’s impossible and I say it’s possible, we’re probably both right.

Erling Kagge‘sPhilosophy for Polar Explorers‘ is the exact sentiment I end my talks to school children with.
We all have so much more potential than we believe. We all perceive the obstacles standing in our way to be greater than they really are. We are all victims of inertia, for it is hard to get moving but not at all difficult to keep rolling once we begin.
I have been enjoying my early morning paddles (though not the 5.20am alarm) and arrive at work buzzing and ready for the day. Partly this is the fresh air, the energizing of exercise, the calm quiet of a still morning on the river. But mostly it is because my life is becoming energized once more. I have tried my best to be still, to settle for settling, but it has not gone well.
Now I am stirring back into life once more and it feels great.

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Shouting from my shed

Get the latest news, updates and happenings via my shed-based newsletter.

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