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Adventure Film Festival

I am looking forward to appearing at the London Gala night of the Adventure Film Festival next month.

It felt strange to be asked. They will be showing the short film I made in Iceland followed by a Q&A session. It feels strange for my film to be shown alongside those by Charley Boorman (major mainstream celebrity; big, proper TV programmes) and Chris Davenport (one of the premier big mountain skiers in the world). I’m delighted, of course, that my low-budget trip and zero-budget film (made in my bedroom on iMovie) are going to be showcased on a massive cinema screen in Leicester Square. It should be a fun evening. You can find out more about the Adventure Film Festival here.

I have a couple of pairs of tickets to give away for the Gala night in London on November 1st. If you’d like to win a ticket just leave a comment below with your name, email address and a link to the website of what you think is the most interesting expedition or adventure website out there (except for mine, of course!). I’m only looking for names to pick from at random, so the website address is only a chance to help showcase people who are out there doing great stuff, and it won’t have any impact on who wins the tickets.

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  1. Hi, love your website and your adventures! Inspirational life, living the dream.
    Great young adventurer to look at Rob Martineau @RunforLove1000 doing an inspirational run next year to raise awareness for Trafficked Women and Children.

  2. Hi love your website and your adventures, brave enough to live the dream!
    New young adventurer and a site to look at @RunforLove1000 Rob Martineau and his latest adventure to raise awareness for Trafficked Women and children.

    Would be great to see your film.

  3. Gotta be worth a punt! The link here is to the man you called ‘Bonkers’ on twitter! I tend to sort of agree, but he does have one hell of a lot of courage and a huge amount of conviction and will power. Who wouldn’t if you managed to break the World Record for dancing non stop last year?! 5 and a half days! (OK, so he was allowed a twenty minute break every four hours)! Both bonkers, bloody ridiculous but true! Ben Hammond. He’s had his difficulties this time round, as you would imagine a person would by dancing his way from John O’Groats to Land’s End-in support of the people of Burma.

    Knocked down by a drunk driver as he danced into Glastonbury he’s now recovering, hopefully coming up with a safer plan, and is nearly ready to finish the last couple of hundred miles before the end of the year.

    Have I plugged the guy enough yet?…..

    Well done for getting the screening Alastair. Just proves excellence doesn’t have to cost loadsamoney. Well done.

    • Mr.Humphreys, Alastair, I knew I was going to win those tickets! Thank you so much. Just gotta get myself to London now! Look forward to hearing you and the other motivators speak. Cheers. Yeeha!

  4. Andrew R Posted

    Brilliant to see that you are doing this – the others are “big name” adventureres but you are inspiration as well. Brilliant.

  5. Congratulations on getting your film screened – and I hope it gives you the ‘high’ you discussed in your last post! What a fabulous achievement, and how very exciting for you!
    I would put out there as well worth a look – It’s a fabulous site for schools and we were totally impressed with Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop’s Skype with my class of 7-9 year olds about Antarctica – accessible, interesting and what a lovely guy!

  6. I don’t speak Basque so am gradually google-translating my way through this guy’s blog. Definitely worth the effort. He’s been on the road for something like 14 years and had some amazing experiences along the way!

  7. Mary Renshaw Posted

    I don’t speak Basque so am gradually google-translating my way through this guy’s blog. Definitely worth the effort. He’s been on the road for something like 14 years and had some amazing experiences along the way!

  8. Susan Lafferty Posted

    Congratulations Al! Absolutely brilliant news.

    I found this so hard as there are lots of people worthy of a mention. I finally decided on She makes everything seem so achievable, and supports activities both big and small; encouraging people to just give something a go and to see where it leads. 🙂

  9. Jim Hardy Posted

    Gotta be in it to win it 🙂

    This isn’t the most expedition expedition, but it’s original, slightly bonkers, I’m sure they had fun, and probably a great story to share over a beer:

  10. Dale Ramage Posted

    Congratulations on getting your film screened Alastair, looks like it’s going to be a great night.

    My recommendation is someone who regular readers of your blog will probably know about already but is still one of my favourite sites out there.

    A woman currently riding her bike round the world solo. It’s great to follow her progress in real time.



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