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Adventure Review of 2015

I’m always a bit of a sucker for Reviews Of The Year and recommendations of new things I might find interesting. Here then are a few thoughts from the Adventuring world at the end of 2015.

Expedition of the Year

Microadventures are unlikely to qualify me for this award, alas! The undoubted most impressive journey of the year was Sarah Outen’s circumnavigation of the globe. Keep an eye out for her book and film in 2016. She’ll also be speaking at the next Night of Adventure event on March 15th. (Tickets available now!)

Films of the Year

A few options here. I wish I had made any of these adventure films. They’re only short so take a look. Denali is lovely and compulsory for dog lovers. The Important Places is fab too. (Caution: both may induce crying in the work place!)

North of the Sun is my favourite adventure film I’ve watched this year. Two guys build a beautiful hut on a remote beach and spend the Arctic winter living in it. You can rent the feature film for $5 on Vimeo – heart-warming and inspiring.

Workwise, it was a joy to shoot in Iceland for the New York Times and Cartier with the whizz-kids from Spindle. The two-minute film they made is something I’m really proud of. 

I’ve really enjoyed working at my own film-making skills this year. Pick of the bunch was my bothies film which was selected for Banff – the world’s most prestigious Adventure Film Festival. I also had a brilliant time filming myself (always a daft and stressful experience) cycling in Cumbria. My thoughts go out to all those folk who’ve been clobbered by the recent storms there. 

Blogs of the Year

If you enjoy reading blogs from the adventure world, here are my two current favourites. They’re worth you checking out. Tegan is a young cartoonist. Her blog about her cycling adventures is fresh, funny and different. No boring reviews of sprocket sizes here, nor tedious accounts of the minutiae of life on the road. Brendan describes himself as ‘semi-rad’. His everyday adventures are perspective, witty, charming and thought-provoking.

My blog readership has grown throughout the year. Thank you if you’ve popped by, or shared my link with your friends. Here are the most-read and most-shared blog posts from the past year. I hope you enjoy them.

Happy New Year!

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