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AtlanticRow – 4th phonecast

Listen to my latest phonecast

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  1. david burns Posted

    Hi Al,

    Just heard of a boat being rescued tonight. Puts in perspective just how tough it must be out there. Keep up the good work and fishing. Not too long now!

  2. Just read about the rescue too, and had to do a bit of digging to see if it was the boat you are on…but it isn’t. That’s good.

  3. Jo Beslee Posted

    From a cloudy Cape Town just to let you know at last John and I have time to follow your passage. You are all doing amazingly well and just think how good ‘proper’ food will taste when you finish. Having now finished my single month with no alcohol it tastes so much more refined!! We will soon be in our house and preparing for the arrival of everyone. Promise to give them all a good time Al. Take care and see you before you know it! xx



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