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Ben Saunders – Living on Ice

Fingers crossed, Ben starts tomorrow…
Great video here for anyone wanting an inkling of the preparation required for polar journeys.

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  1. Awesome!

  2. I’ve had some amazing views on flights from Britain to California. You go right over the arctic regions – not near the pole itself, but far north – and it is immense. Hundreds of miles of nothing but beautiful whiteness. I look and look and look for cars or roads or houses or any sign of civilisation at all, but there is nothing.

  3. Such a shame that most of us will never experience that. I am amazed at the level of preparation involved. I wonder how many man hours of preparation there are vs man hours on the trip.

    • It’s YEARS of planning for WEEKS on the ice…

      • And I just read his website and found out he had to cancel it due to not being able to get a flight to the start point, as you’ll already know. I wonder what will happen to all that carefully packaged freeze dried food.

        I also noticed talk of one flight off the pole being a 5-figure fee which he had to get to avoid another one which was 6 figures. Mm. Not going to be cheap either then.



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