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Crew Needed to Row Pacific

The kind of emails I enjoy receiving are those that run something like this,

“Do you fancy rowing across the Pacific Ocean?”

Whilst one ocean was enough for me, I was happy to try to help Philip find his crew. So, if you think this sounds like fun, read on. Philip asked me to post this message:

Philip will be participating in the first Pacific Ocean row in June 2014, and is looking for crewmates. The race is a 2,100 nautical mile row from California to Hawaii, and the boat will be powered by human strength alone. Everything needed for the row will be onboard, and the crew will receive no assistance during the race.

To join the crew, you do not need rowing experience!  All we want is a sense of adventure, a desire to succeed and the will to do something extraordinary!

The shift pattern will be a demanding 2 hours on 2 hours off for the duration of the race. (Which means you’ll be able to sleep 50% of the time… glass half full!)

If you’d like to express an interest, or would like more information, contact Philip at

Rowing the Atlantic was one of the most memorable experiences of my life, so I would urge anyone seeking adventure to consider this. Good luck!


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  1. Awesome I need to do this. I wrote an email to Philip.. Actually I just wrote: “Im in” hope it’s enough to convince him : ) (?)

  2. Count me in too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Adrian (Ady) Patterson Posted

    Hi, I’d love this opportunity to do my bit 😉 After suffering a stroke toward the end of 2011 I’ve come back with more will than ever!! The end of 2012 sciatica got me :/ now I’m all better and ready for something new!! So I’d live to write, ‘Rowed the Pacific’ instead of the latter.
    Thank you, Ady

  4. Barry Hayes Posted

    Applied…I so hope I get the opportunity to do this!

  5. Only men wanted?

    • Alastair Posted

      No – men or women.
      (The ‘men wanted’ line comes from Shackleton’s famous (if apocryphal) newspaper ad)

  6. Ashford W Perry Posted

    Wow! What a rare opportunity. I sent an email. Fingers crossed….

  7. I met Chris Martin in San Francisco during his presentation tour. He’s such a good guy and his passion for the rowing fascinates me! I don’t think I will do it but it will be a terrific experience for anyone who’s passionate in ocean rowing!

  8. I have applied, alas I fear that if Phil ever saw my weedy little arms he may have doubts!

  9. I know that Phil has received a LOT of applications which is great but don’t let that stop you expressing your interest in rowing the Pacific. Several other groups are trying to pull together a crew too. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a crew just from those who responded to this notice? Get in touch with us and we’ll call you to talk more about the possibilities.

  10. This sounds absolutely amazing! Really hope to get an opportunity.

  11. Guenter Heinze Posted

    sounds like a terrific challenge.

  12. Jane Shorter Posted

    I’m up for it! It has been a life times ambition to participate in a long distance row.
    Sign me up!

  13. I got in!! 16 months of hard training and even harder fundraising, here I come!

    • My last comment on this thread was three years ago. At the time I was working in a postroom. Since then, after a gruelling 16 months, I succesfuly rowed the Pacific Ocean with Philip and two others, we came second in the race and broke two world records in the process. Now im a motivational speaker and adventurer…all from this blog post. Everything is possible!



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