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easyJet Microadventures


These things I enjoy…

  • Seeking out wildness and adventure, even around the big city where I live
  • Microadventures that are cheap, simple, easy to organise – yet stay in the memory for years
  • Trying new experiences, in parts of England I have never visited

I also like…

  • Flying off to cool European cities in search of sunshine, new cultures, great food, and different people

I thought to myself, why not combine the two?

For those of us who enjoy squeezing in occasional long weekends or mini-breaks (micro-breaks..?) away, it’s easy to slip into the habit of doing similar trips every year. Head to a famous city for a dash of culture and plenty of good grub. Head for the slopes for a fix of ski and aprés-ski. Or head for a beach and a couple of days’ chilling out. I am a huge fan of trips like this. But, when you’re back in the office again a few days later, wouldn’t it be nice the next time you fly to have some different tales for your colleagues beyond the great hotel / restaurant / beach / off-piste? What if you could tell everyone about your adventure?

So if you love the luxury of being able to nip off to a new country for a few days, but you also have an inner adventurer hidden within you, why not have a think about mixing the two?

I have put together a selection of ideas to help you get thinking and start planning your own European microadventure. I’ve tried to cover a range of countries, in case you’ve got a burning desire to visit somewhere specific. I’ve offered up different choices of activity to cater for cyclists, hikers, runners, swimmers, and more. And I have varied the difficulty levels of the trips so that you can pick what’s right for you, whether you’re looking for a real challenge or something nice and gentle.

Take a look at this list and see which idea gets you excited…

  1. Austria – Wild swimming in the New Danube
  2. Denmark – Stylish seclusion in Funen
  3. Spain – Hike the Cuenca Alta del Manzanares Mountains
  4. Spain – Hike to the Montserrat monastery
  5. Hungary – Countryside rambling
  6. Portugal – Cliffside camping in Sintra Cascais
  7. Netherlands – On two wheels in Amsterdam
  8. Malta – Coast to coast on foot
  9. France – Wild camping in the Forest of Fontainebleau
  10. France – Cross-country hiking from Lyon to Grenoble
  11. Iceland – Aurora hunting
  12. Italy – Hike away from the Rome crowds
  13. Italy – Summit a volcano
  14. Italy – Iconic cycling climbs
  15. Italy – Beyond the canals
  16. Czech Republic – Riverside walks along the Vitana
  17. Germany – Into the wild
  18. Switzerland – Summit Monte Rosa
  19. Switzerland – Explore the Jura Mountains
  20. UK – Wild kayaking in the Firth of Forth

Over on the easyJet website there’s more information about each of these ideas in case you fancy giving them a try yourself. Plus, if you vote for your favourite idea, you’ll go into the draw to win some free flights, making your European microadventure even cheaper, simpler and more memorable.

I’m curious to know which one appeals to you the most. I’m particularly interested because I will be heading off to do the microadventure that wins the most votes and making a little film about it. I can’t wait!

Think about it – a trip away, a memorable adventure, and a tale that will interest the folk in your office. Why not give it a try?!

Content produced in collaboration with easyJet.

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  1. My pick goes to camping in Portugal. Although hiking across Malta is a pretty close second. Also, here’s an additional idea worth exploring: hiking Mont Sainte Victoire just outside of Aix-en-Provence. One can get to the city either by flying into Marseille or Nice, though, with Nice you’d have to take a two hour bus ride into Aix; Marseille is much closer. Of course I have no idea if EasyJet even flies to either of those airports. Anyway, the mountain is part of an incredibly beautiful Provence landscape, and is a prominent motif in the art of Cezanne.



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