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Explorers and Adventurers Lecture Night, a "Night of Adventure 3"

Night of Adventure

On the evening of March 15th, 2011 a special event is being held at the Vue cinema in London’s famous Leicester Square.

An eclectic collection of adventurers, from across the spectrum of explorer, daredevil and vagabond, will share their experiences with an audience of 400 guests. The event is in support of Hope and Homes for Children. 100% of the ticket price will go to the charity.

Each speaker will be limited to just 20 slides, shown on the enormous cinema screen, to accompany their tales. The challenge for the speakers is that each slide will scroll forward automatically after just 20 seconds. It is an unusual, challenging presentation format. Once the talk begins there is no stopping or going back: it is fast and furious and extremely stressful for the speaker!

This unusual format keeps things moving at a swift pace. Speakers must tell a concentrated version of their adventure and tell it well. And the audience must be ready to be swept from adventure to adventure with only their beer and popcorn to steady their nerves.

The event aims to celebrate the spirit of adventure in all its guises.

Buy tickets here. And watch all the speakers from the previous two events here. I would be extremely grateful if you could post this blog’s link on Twitter, Facebook or your own blogs.

Here’s a brief summary of some of the speakers…

Ed Stafford

Ed has just become the first known person to walk the length of the Amazon River in South America from the source to the sea. No-one had ever attempted it before and everyone said that it couldn’t be done…but after 860 days Ed successfully completed this monumental feat.

Oli Broom

Oli loves cricket, so much so, that he has just cycled 25,000km solo and unsupported from Lord’s Cricket Ground, London to Brisbane Cricket Ground, Australia to watch England beat the Aussies in the Ashes.

Rosie Swale-Pope

In 2003, on her 57th birthday, Rosie embarked on an adventure to run round the world. Five years and thousands of miles later, Rosie successfully returned to her home in Wales. Not content with this, Rosie recently completed 27 marathons in 27 days.

Jo Royle

Jo Royle is one of Europe’s leading female ocean yacht skippers. She has clocked up more than 75,000 miles of sailing experience and has navigated some of the world’s most rugged environments from Iceland down to Antarctica. She is one of the few sailors to have circumnavigated South Georgia in the Southern Ocean.

Tristan Gooley

Tristan has led expeditions in five continents, climbed mountains in Europe, Africa and Asia, sailed small boats across oceans and piloted small aircraft to Africa and the Arctic. He is the only living person to have both flown solo and sailed singlehanded across the Atlantic and is the author of ‘The Natural Navigator’, one of the only books on natural navigation.

Steve Dew-Jones

On July 11 2008, Steve Dew-Jones and Will Jackson set off from their home in Salisbury, England, with only one thing in mind: Hitchhiking to Malaysia. Their journey spanned the length of Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, abiding by two simple rules: 1. Never pay for transport. 2. Never refuse an offer.

Chris Eastabrook

As a white water kayak fanatic, Chris has paddled across the water in some of the biggest and most extreme rapids.

Bonita Norris

The youngest British woman to climb Everest.

Monty Halls

Monty is a writer, explorer, television presenter and public speaker. He has just returned from filming a third series of Great Escape for BBC2 and notable expeditions include to Malawi, Tamil Nadu in India and the Raspaculo Basin in Central America. Availability pending filming.

To give you a taste of the presentation style, here is one from the first Night of Adventure.

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  1. “They’re like the TED conference for ultra endurance and adventurers” – what a perfect, flattering summary of what the evening is striving for…

  2. Are they the same speakers as the last one Al?

  3. Emma Bishop Posted

    Sounds good. I’m in

  4. Great Al, hopefully I can get down again. I’m training for a Channel relay this year – any chance of getting a mad swimmer to give me some tips?

  5. Keith – I asked my friend Dan ( but he will be off swimming across the Atlantic by then!

  6. Dan Martin would have been amazing – I hope he succeeds! Did you see any of the Nova swims on TV? there was a bloke who swam all the waves of all the events which was amazing – not sure what his name was though.

  7. That was my friend Julian Crabtree…

  8. LOL, is there anyone you don’t know Al? How about getting Martin Strel…

  9. I didn’t make the grade Keith ; ) If you need any advice on your channel swim drop me a line at
    How many in your relay? What date and do you know what number you are on and on what tide?

  10. wish I could be there

  11. Simon Foster Posted


    Long time no see! Think Gummer’s wedding was the last time? All well I hope?

    I know a couple of people who may be interested in speaking? Do you want me to put them in touch if they are interested? (Rowed across the Atlantic, sailed solo around the world and had a thorough bashing in the Southern Ocean!).




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