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The Greatest Cycling Movies of All Time

This month’s poll question on Twitter and Facebook was about the Greatest Cycling Movies of All Time. Here is the collective wisdom of social media in action…

And to show that Facebook is not yet dead, there were plenty of offerings from there as well:

  • Martin Radoczi Martin Radoczi American Flyers is about all i can think of.

  • Neil Garrity Breaking Away, 1979. Certainly enjoyed it as a youngster!
  • Will Hodson Breaking Away, The Flying Scotsman and I can show you some footage of my fancy dress ride as a gladiator through France any time you want too……

  • Giles P Croft ?+1 for Flying Scotsman. But the best cycling film is Hollentour (Hell on Wheels). Beautifully filmed, awesome soundtrack, a real insight into suffering at the TdF.
  • Johnny Hall Chasing Legends
  • Will Hodson Just googled it and A Sunday in Hell and Overcoming are highly rated too…..whole of Sunday in Hell is on youtube if u got a spare hour and a half….
  • Craig Northam ?’Belleville Rendevous’ (The Triplets of Belleville) for a rather different take on the “cycling film” genre!
  • Dave McFadden Race across the sky
  • Roro Kilduff ROAM (for offroad)
  • Giles P Croft Will, Sunday in Hell is very much a cycling anorak’s documentary (I fall into this category). Interesting, but not hugely inspiring. Overcoming is excellent – it’s got Jens Voigt in it after all – but is very much of its time. A pre-ban Basso vs. a rampaging Armstrong, hmmm.

  • Claire Delune Anotheer vote for the Triplets of Belleville. One of my all time favorite movies!
  • David Piper Ride The Divide?

  • Richard Gregg E.T.?….No. Breakin’ Away? Maybe. When I was a student it was inspiring, anyway. I’m sure it’s dated now though.
  • Daniel Papadopoulos i’ve just ordered “bicycle dreams” as it looks absolutely insane!! endurance gone mad!!!

  • Alicia Andrews motorcycle diaries – not really a cycling movie but good nonetheless.

  • Dickie Greenleaf Follow Me… probably not what you mean, but worth a watch.

  • Tobias Mews Chasing Legends! About the Tour de France. An amazing film!

I personally would like to add Bicycle Dreams – a lovely film about the madness that is the Race Across America.
And, from this blog, here are a few more goodies:

  • Breaking Away
  • American Flyers
  • Quicksilver
  • Rad
  • Overcoming
  • Hell on Wheels
  • Road to Roubaix
  • A Sunday in Hell
  • DeTour the Movie
  • Road to Paris

Do you know any good ones that we’ve missed? Have your say below…

Finally, here’s a nostalgic three minutes for me:

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  1. Sambhram Patel Posted
  2. I just found a trailer for ‘Quicksilver’ starring Kevin Costner on youtube which has that classic 80’s feel good feel to it and includes some wicked hills in San Francisco.

    If you like mountainbiking then ‘Tread’ starring Hans Ray and Greg Herbold is a must.

  3. I second Bicycle Thieves as a brilliant film.

    Something called Where Are You Go looks very interesting from the trailer ( I e-mailed the filmakers last year to try and get a copy but never received a response. Has anyone ever seen it?

  4. I see Ride the Divide was mentioned multiple times.
    What a great honor!

    As a thank you here is a coupon code for 10% off anything in the Ride the Divide store:

    Use code: AlastairHumphreys at checkout.

  5. I watched Ride The Divide at the weekend – great documentary about a very, very hard 2700 mile race from Canada to Mexico down the Rockies. Highly recommended.
    I would also recommend Cycling Home From Siberia – very inspirational and well worth watching more than once.

  6. the new Danny Macaskill- surely the most moving, beautiful awe-inspiring cycle film made – makes me smile very time 😉

  7. Lifecycles is by far the best filmed bike movie of recent years.
    For nostalgia and rose tinted merino jerseyness
    Sunday in He’ll takes some beating. Chasing Legends is ok for straight to DVD release but the All better than American Flyers!!

  8. Let me mention a Bollywood flick ‘Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar (1992)’ . In English this can be translated as ‘Whoever conquests is Alexander’.

    Reviews can be read here:

  9. What about some of the lesser great cycling movies of all time?
    But still amazing, fun, breathtaking, wonderful, artistic, funny and more ….
    Go watch some of the 600 Cycletouring video’s on WorldCycle Video’s on Vimeo.
    Watch, enjoy and maybe become part of it!

  10. Good way of puttin it..



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