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How To Turn A Beer Can Into The Only Camping Stove You’ll Ever Need

If you’re looking for a guide to the Top 3 Camping stoves, please click here.

Tom writes… “The best gift I’ve ever received on the road is this; a stove made from nothing but a discarded drinks can. In this video we’re going to learn how to make it.”

And here it is, in action on my Instagram feed.

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  1. Gusztav Posted

    Would it work with fuel? (benzene)

  2. Very good. Have made a few of these but have always used two can bases, but using just one? Now that’s recycling! I have to admit that I find some people’s fixation with ‘ultralight’ stoves and pans to be a bit nerdy, it always looks like it came out of Ken and Barbie’s kitchen. This however would satisfy even the most fastidious ultralight camper while still retaining a certain ‘blokeishness’ for being self built and from a beer can too!
    Cheers, T

  3. Seth Trautman Posted

    I have made two of these over the past few days and they work really well. Used a pepsi can for a small one and an arizona iced tea can for a bigger stove (pots etc)

  4. I’ve seen a lot of these sort of demos and this is by far the easiest to make I’ve ever seen. Thanks!

  5. I had a whisperlite at the beginning of the the trip but barely used it so I got rid of it. This however looks like I can carry it and a small pot to just cook up some pasta. Do you have any suggestion of a way of making this able to simmer? Just wondering cos after I’ve boiled up my water, added the pasta then I don’t need it roaring along. Also… any suggestion on a pot to get? Lightweight and compact are the two most important.

    • allan parkin Posted

      DOMINIC, get a pot cosy made and then once your pasta has come up to boil you can just leave it to ‘simmer’ inside the cosy. I have used this method and it saves a whole load of fuel.

  6. Willy Posted

    You can use a can opener (tin opener) to remove the top part of the can (the part you drink out of, that is). Might be a bit easier/safer than using a knife.

  7. I will be trying this tomorrow!

  8. Eduardo Nesi Bubicz Posted

    This stove is awesome!!
    Very useful and efficient, feel fuel and a lot of fun.
    The long haired guy is a legend.

  9. What an absolutely brilliant idea. We do a lot of camping both in the UK and France and i’ve used a lot of different types of stoves but this is brilliant. So handy, portable and using recycled material. Thanks!

  10. Rick Amos Posted

    Just made one today after watching the video. Going to try it out tomorrow with some meth spirit.

  11. Just made this – simple and fantastic stove!
    I found that the inner sheath needs to taller than in the video – around 1.5 – 2cm – in order to expose more of the the deeper ‘indentations’ on the side of the inner sheath, to draw up fuel so that it can burn more on the side around the stove rather than underneath . Otherwise the stove seems to suffocate the stove by cutting off oxygen, and the flame dies.

    Important Question – is it safe to toast marshmallows on this using surgical spirit (90% alcohol, 5% methanol)??

  12. Just made one of these out of a soda can. I agree with Tina if the ridges don’t let in enough air into the can the flame gets smothered. I DID try using lighter fluid to test (it was all i had in the house) and it’s just not flammable enough to keep the flame lit ounce a pot is placed on the top.Quick trip to the chemist tomorrow!

  13. Millie Posted

    Will this work ok with meth spirit? The only surgical spirit I can find has castor oil added to it.

  14. Brandon Posted

    Thank you for posting this and all the other great information on the site. I live in the country and am trying to get back into camping (I have zero equipment right now and no budget) and was looking for a good stove option to have in case of a prolonged power outage and for camping. This definitely fits the bill. I could make 5 of them for nothing, keep a bottle of rubbing alcohol in the house, and still be able to fix 5 course meals for my wife and the kids.

    I’m looking forward to working some microadventures into my family’s repertoire.


  15. Maybe I have missed something, but why is the small whole for? (last step) The smaller pockets you create where the combustion chamers right?

  16. Wow this is super helpful. As a newbie with absolutely no gear and limited funds at the moment, the prospect of needing to start from scratch in terms of equipment was quite daunting.

    I really liked the idea of having a stove for my first adventure so I could at least have some warm food on a cold morning, and so was debating the various merits of the expensive ones available on the market – but this is just perfect! I can’t wait to give it a go.

    Thank you for sharing!

  17. So psyched to make and use a homemade tin can camping stove on my 1st Georgia MA! Might have to try the homemade bullet stove idea on the next family outing as well.



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