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How to Light a Fire without Matches or a Lighter

The easiest method I have seen. Even I managed it first time!
I love the idea of learning this essential bushcraft and survival skill. It’s a great party trick too!
This technique is so easy that you can do it first time.
I could never be bothered to practice and practice the art of rubbing two sticks together. So I was delighted when I gave this a go and succeeded first time.
Here’s what to do:
– sprinkle some ash stored from your previous campfire onto a pad of cotton wool.
– roll it smoothly into a tube like a cigarette
– press it between two flat bits of wood
– rub it back and forth, starting slowly and building up the speed and pressure
– after less than a minute you should have a small ember which you can add to your dry tinder to create fire.

Thank you to @huntergathercook and @bushcrafttools for their expertise.

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    I cannot See the video. it’s a private vimeo video. the video asks a password.



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