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Can I help you plan your expedition?

When I was planning to cycle round the world there was so much that I did not know. I was really thankful when a veteran long distance cyclist agreed to meet me in a pub one evening and answer my questions.

I thought that it may be helpful, now that I have done a few trips, to arrange an evening in a pub when I can try to help other people who are planning their own expedition.

So, if you think I can help you with anything you may be planning then do come along!
I will be on the top floor of the Iron Duke pub in Victoria station, London at 6.30pm on Tuesday March 9th until about 9pm.

If you have done an expedition, ultramarathon or anything similar yourself then perhaps you would like to come along as well to share your own knowledge with people? It would be fantastic to gather together a few seasoned expeditioners as well as a few people getting ready to head off for the first time.

I would just ask that you take a few moments to share this with anyone you know who may be interested, post it on Facebook, Twitter etc.

Hopefully I’ll see a few people then at 6.30pm on Tuesday March 9th on the top floor of the Iron Duke pub in Victoria station. But I’ll bring a book to read just in case nobody turns up!

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  1. Hi Al,

    Great idea..

    Will you be doing more of this in the future?? Am planning my own trip but am just finishing off my last term in Uni so can’t really put any effort into planning. But if you are willing to do it again then I will be vert tempted to drag my ass from Liverpool to get some advice 🙂


  2. Alastair,

    This is a brilliant idea. I am really tempted to come along, but Tuesday nights are my running club night and 9 March is 4 weeks before the Paris marathon so I’ll be at the peak (ahem) of training. If I get back from my run early enough I will definitely come – it would be great to meet you and share ideas.


  3. What a great idea. It’s in the diary! (and retweeted)



  4. Hey super neat! my friend Larry is planning a huge 16,000 bike trip.

    He is the main guy in the documentary my friend Mike shot called For Thousands of Miles (@FToM)

    I think they plan on leaving in a couple months. They are based here in states in Reno, NV I think


  5. Rebecca Holliday Posted

    Perfect, Looking forward to it.

    I better try and think of some sensible questions!


  6. This is a great idea Alastair. I did something similar a few years ago after my tour across the US. I think it helps people to feel more confident and even inspire some to take on such challenges. Plus there are so many things you can’t really find out about unless you’ve done such a trip.

  7. Oh I wanna come but i finish work at 8pm. Probably wouldnt make it till 9. Reckon you might stick around till 10?!!

  8. Great idea! Now only if the pub wasn’t 5 thousand miles from my house….
    Now why is it that all the adventurous types live in England…?! 🙂

  9. Hi Alistair, thanks for providing this as a platform for your advice. We will try to come down about 7:30 to make the most use of you and to share anything that we can with others..


  10. Will fly to London 26-28 this month.
    We like adventure and camping where should we go ?
    Must-Do’s ? Cheap and adventurous camping ?

    It would be nice to come back and join you people at the pub, i really hope we can!

  11. Will fly to London 26-28 this month.
    We like adventure and camping where should we go ?
    Must-Do’s ? Cheap and adventurous camping ? First timers!

    It would be nice to come back and join you people at the pub, i really hope we can!

  12. I’ll be coming up for the evening from Brighton. Have already booked the train, but can’t stay too late because it’s a school night. Looking forward to it!

  13. Frederike Posted

    That’s a great idea, Alastair. We heard about it from the Travelling Two. We’re setting off on a bike trip from London to Australia in May, so we need all the help and advice we can get 😉 Looking forward to meeting you and everyone else who will be there – we should get there for about 8pm.

  14. I’ll be there and can chat to anyone interested in an ocean row. Great idea.

  15. It’s in the diary, and I’m going to try my hardest to get there. I’ve been to the Arctic, the Amazon and Himalayas so can share anything that may be of any help. But… I’m more interested in learning from others as after I finish my ‘Another Long Way Down’ mini adventure, I intend to attempt the seven summits and 90′ south. Not all at once you understand :o)

  16. great idea Al. would love to catch up sometime but not possible this time. best of luck. keith

  17. Paul Firth Posted

    Really good idea, be good to come and swap tips. I’m planning 3 years in the Americas starting 2011. Already bought my Thorn Nomad.
    Definitely coming along.


  18. James Hyatt Posted

    Hi Alistair,

    Just so you can keep a check on numbers, I will be coming to ask for as much advice as possible for 2012 pending circumnavigation using wind and pedal power (much like your trip!).

    Looking forward to meeting you,


  19. I should be in London then, so I’ll come along.


  20. Fantastic, myself and two mates are planning a long term biking trip so it’d be great to ask you a few questions.

    I’ll try get those guys along too.

    In a pub too, always a bonus 🙂


  21. Daniel p Posted

    Great idea! I cycled from london to the south of France last summer and would have loved to have a network of advice people!

    Sadly not sure if I can make the pub though 🙁 seems like u have loads of ppl already though!

  22. Joshua Rothery Posted

    Hi Alastair,

    A late announcement i know so i hope numbers aren’t too much of an issue, but i’ll come along to absorb all info i can. I’m planning a bike ride to begin late this summer, so some tips and stories will be welcomed.

    Thanks for sorting this.

  23. Looking forward to meeting you all. Hope there is some safe bike parking there



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