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Rowing the Atlantic

Rowing the Atlantic Ocean

Tonight (it is 2.15am as I write this) is the last night I can enjoy the comfort of my own bed for a couple of months. A pity then that there is no chance I will complete my To-Do list and get any sleep tonight.

So I will keep this brief.

I am off to row across the Atlantic Ocean. I will be back home in early March. I decided not to schedule any blog posts to cover the time I am away.

Instead I have set up a system to post blog entries remotely from the ocean. I will probably write these roughly every four days. I will also leave audio updates via our satellite phone. There is, of course, a good chance that the Atlantic Ocean may not permit this tomfoolery! But I shall try my best…

If you want to read the thoughts of my three team mates or see our latest position on a map then please also (Also dip in if new content stops appearing here.)

I’m also trying to raise £1 per mile for Hope and Homes for Children andI’d love your support!
Please Text OBUL72 £5 to 70070 or donate. Thank you.

That leads me, finally, to say that althoughI’m away rowing the Atlantic, the Night Of Adventure series is carrying on. The next London event is in February, hosted by the enigmatic Dave Cornthwaite. I hope you will go along if you are in London:

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  1. Good luck! Keep telling yourself the are millions who do not a get a chance to do this.

  2. Good Luck Al, be safe and see you on the other side!!
    Don’t lose the urge for the Empty Quarter though, Thesiger was one of my great heroes as well…..

  3. lilalia Posted

    Safe journey. May the winds and currents always flow in your favour. May the flying fish and dolphins accompany your days. May friendships be forged. May the enormity and beauty of the ocean fill you with humbleness and awe.

  4. Best of luck Al, will be following. Safe journey.

  5. All the best and safe travels, Al! We hope the winds and waves are on your side. Will check your updates and think of you.

  6. Good Luck!

  7. Bonne Chance !!
    Thankyou Al for all your support recently, particularly the signed copy of “There Are Other Rivers” truly superb. We are launching your row tomorrow to the whole school and will follow your adventure. Thankyou for the motivation and inspiration, this is leading the planning of learning for the children, alongside your book “The Boy Who Biked the World” which is probably the finest childrens story I’ve read, its a true REAL LIFE adventure.

    Stay safe.

  8. Good luck on this latest adventure! I’ll be keeping an eye out for your update posts. Be safe out there!

  9. Frenchman Posted

    Good luck Wildman! Enjoy the adventure!

  10. Good luck Al, we’ll be watching the blog posts at school!

  11. Mark Ifi Posted

    this is just the best blog post ever.
    “I am off to row across the Atlantic Ocean.”

  12. David Burns Posted

    Best of luck Al, looking forward to following the progress.

  13. Good luck Al! I look forward to any updates – I dream of doing this one day.

  14. Come back with an appetite!

  15. Fantastic, best of luck for everything! I’ll be checking up on you!



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