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Treehouse Living

I’ve just returned to London after a fantastic stay in Nick Weston’s tree house in Sussex. Nick has turned his back on city life to build, and live in, a tree house “somewhere in Sussex”. He is living off the land whilst he writes a book about his experiences. In return for a couple of gifts I hoped that Nick would share a bit of his knowledge with me.
I was not disappointed.

I gave quite a bit of thought to what sort of gifts I would enjoy receiving when far from the madding crowd. I settled on a couple of appropriate books (Pilgrim at Tinker Creek and Beachcombing at Miramar), a campfire espresso maker, and a giant watermelon (I thought that was probably beyond the capabilities of even Nick’s green fingers).

In return Nick reminded me to slow my life back down, to take a moment to smell the roses (literally), and to simplify, simplify, simplify…
Here’s a 3-minute audio slideshow about what I learnt up in the tree.

(Please do follow Nick’s adventures on his blog here, or on Twitter.)

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  1. Loved the toilet – v civilised!

  2. Thom Ghunn Posted

    This is a really fascinating concept. I wonder what other people think:
    – is he a bum wasting his time?
    – is it pointlessly backwards looking?
    – is it a rallying cry to us all?

  3. Really interesting! Not an idea that I have come across before!!

  4. Great post! I’m state-side but have my extended family in the UK. Next time I’m over there I definitely want to check out some of the great UK tree houses!

  5. Great idea. I’d love to live in a tree house for a while and live off the land like your friend NIck!



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