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Public New Year Resolutions

A while ago I challenged readers to make a public resolution for the new year. Over 150 of you responded with your plans for 2013. (Mappazines are on their way to the first 100).
Reading through them all, I found the bombardment of optimism, hope and determination both inspiring and humbling. As promised, I will chase everyone up mid-way through the year to see how they are getting along with their plans.
Have a skim through some of the submissions below. Perhaps they will encourage you to get out a bit more, to get on with planning your big adventure or to take on a few more microadventures. One thing I found heartening was to see that I am not alone with many of the frustrations I feel trying to get the most out life, the most out of myself. It’s nice to realise that you are not alone in struggling to achieve all that you want to get done.
Here then are some of the public resolutions for 2013:
  • Alex Roberts: “1) Get myself fit and lean (I got a bit eager and started training on Monday)
    2) Learn how to program and make a web/mobile app
    3) Take up bouldering seriously
    4) Form plan and save up for a 1000 adventure in 2014!”
  • alex williams: To cycle around Wales in 3 days
  • Alistair Weir: “I will cycle around all of New Zealand, making sure I stop off at the very bottom and the very top. I will wild camp every night, cook my food on my stove.I then aim to cycle back home to the UK”
  • Amanda: Live more! Although I’m only 19 years old, 2012 was the year when I realized how quickly our time moves by. It hit me like a ton of brick and I knew that sooner or later I would be 25, with a job most likely hating my self because I’ve never opened to doing things that make me happy. I love to travel, love to eat, this is what I tell everyone: eat, travel because before you know it you’ll be gone. But I’ve never followed my own advice. So here is my resolution: be more outrageous (in a good way). Something as simple as dancing in public would suffice, leaving all my insecurities at the door. I want to kayak more, it makes me happy. I want to travel more, and not only travel but see the world! Here’s to becoming braver in 2013. Learning the steps to change for the better. Hopefully I meet a new me at the door a year from now. God only knows I can not continue with this routine of not living. My sanity can only take for so long!
  • Ames: My Resolution for now through 2013 is eliminating all processed sugar from my diet!
  • Ande Gregson: Prepare for the Marathon des Sables 2014
  • andrea casalotti: Practice yoga five days a week
  • Alex Gandy: To fulfil a childhood and adulthood dream and shed the constructs of my current life to cycle across Asia to New Zealand. All the while seeking out remote mountain roads and difficult environments to meet and learn form those who live in these places.On 4th March 2013 I’m flying from my home in Wandsworth, London to Istanbul, Turkey to begin cycling east across Asia. I have no fixed destination or timeframe, beyond the organisation Asia’s political makeup demands from a traversing cyclist. The objective therefore is to live simply and journey to places far and seldom visited in a form which allows complete freedom.Throughout the trip I want to focus on producing a body of photographic work. It will document the trials and tribulations of solo long-distance bicycle travel to give those at home an accurate, sensory and engaging depiction of life on the road. These photos will make up much of my blog and I hope they will give those at home a taste for my physical and psychological journey. The blog can be found at Finally I am raising money for a very small charity called Future for Nepal who help impoverished children get a quality education. If I can huff and puff my way over the himalayas then I intend to visit them in Kathmandu to see how things have progressed since I was last there in 200 and report back for those donating.
  • Andrew: The Cuillin Ridge Traverse, Skye
  • Andrew Craig: “Over the last few years i’ve slowly (and unintentionally) stopped doing most of the adventure activities that I thought defined who I was as a person. I think this was in part to do with meeting the wife and having a child, but I can also see that in part it is to do with my own motivation and lack of ambition. So simple one for me –
    – get a big year calendar
    – ink down some decent trips
    – go on them 🙂
  • andy: cycle to work everyday
  • Angus Rose: “Howz this for a great quote, from George Bernard Shaw. one I can believe in and hopefully try and live by- ‘This is the true joy in life that being used for a purpose recognised by yourself as a mighty one. That being a force if nature, instead of a feverish, selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy. I am of the opinion that my life belongs belongs to the whole community and as long as I live it is my privilege to do for it what I can. I want to be thoroughly used up when I die. For the harder I work the more I live. I rejoice in life for its own sake. Life is no brief candle to me. It’s a sort of splendid torch which I’ve got to hold up for the moment and I want to make burn as brightly as possible before handing it onto future generations’.
    Here’s aiming in 2013, to look back on this year and see that I have improved on the earlier version of myself”
  • Anna McNuff: “I got impatient and made my 2013 resolution a few months early, so technically I’m already halfway up the resolution stairs… Hope I’m still allowed through the gates…. This is the year of my first big adventure. I’d like to have the courage and conviction to step out of a comfortable life (mortgage, 9-5, friends, family) and finally let my imagination off the leash. To write more in 2013 than I have since I left school, and not be phased by who ends up listening. To be honest that what I’ve been doing for the past 4 years isn’t what I was put on the planet to do, and to let those around me know that’s how I feel. To achieve something that I can fashion into a magical tale for my future grandkids, and make a meaningful contribution to the lives of others as I go. Above all, to be a little scared, a lot of the time. That oughta do it! :)”
  • Ben Procter: “Enter and finish a 100 mile ultramarathon. Go and scare my self silly by competing in Megavalanche “
  • Bidi Baxter: I am going to sell up and cycle the world. There, I said it! The first task is to sell my business then I’m taking-off on my bicycle. This will be a practice run before selling my house and possessions and cycling the world permanently. Plans are sketchy at the moment but I’m thinking about a six-to-eight month trip, possibly from the UK to the ‘Stans. After this I will release the equity in my house and continue travelling indefinitely. I’ve backpacked a lot in the past but not for some years business has prevented me now I miss it dreadfully. Since learning of the death of an old girlfriend I realised time is passing me by and decided to do something about it now, before it’s too late. I’m not married and have no dependents so free to suit myself and that is exactly what I intend to do. I’m committed now as it’s down in black-and-white! I’m excited…!
  • Borut: I will establish a project for encouraging people to be more adventurous and enable them to go on adventures they only dreamed of so far.
  • Brenda Nutter: My resolution is to prepare to summit Mt Kilimanjero in February 2014. For me, this has great physical and financial implications which I have started to address but that will require considerable attention in 2013. But as the saying goes….”a man’s ( or woman’s) reach should exceed his grasp or what’s a heaven for?”
  • C Stone: To getter fitter, lose 2 stone and climb Kilimanjaro.
  • Cathy Colless: “I was going to do this last year but didn’t for reasons I don’t remember. I reckon this year I’ll get organised enough to buy a wetsuit, register and make the a trip up to Scotland in August to do the Monster swim in Loch Ness (”
  • Charles: My biggest current adventure is my passionate relationship with my Polish girlfriend Zuzanna. We met more than 2 years ago in Finland where we were both living. Falling in love is easy. But as I’m sure you can appreciate, giving your partner the support and understanding they need can be a real adventure. We’ve gone through a lot. In October 2011 she broke her arm in a freak cycling accident and really suffered emotionally from it. During her time off she had time to consider many things in her life and the result was that her and I decided to leave our comfortable life in Finland where she was studying and I had a safe interesting job. Our destination: the south of France, where I have family ties and where the lifestyle seemed to fit our values better. I quit my job before even finding a new one in France, Zuzanna quit her studies and we decided that with a positive attitude we’d make it. This turned out to be more or less true. Whilst I have found professional fulfillment, this has come at a cost. I have not given her the time and support she needs to adapt to yet another country despite her unbelievable drive and motivation to adapt. I have links here. She is adapting to yet another culture and misses Poland dearly, even if she knows we are doing the right thing. To my resolution then. In 2013 I want to learn Polish to the required level that allows me to communicate with her family back in Poland on the phone or face to face. I know it will make a world of difference to her that I’m able to do this and it will allow me to feel that I am doing something for her on a similar scale to her commitment to moving to France with me. It may also help out as we plan to get married some time this year in Poland! Wish me strength and determination!”
  • Chris: My resolution is to make a start on mine and my girlfriends ‘Ultimate List of Adventuring’ we have come up with. It consists of 100 adventuring activites ranging from easy to hard. Hopefully by end of 2013 made a good start and ticked off at least 10!!
  • Chris Dall: Take a Motor Cycle from Alaska to Argentina
  • Chris Hutchison: “To finally do the small trip I have been thinking about for a while. Cycle from my home in Hamilton to Fort William (via Arran) and climb Ben Nevis when I arrive. This is the basic route…
    Now that I have a baby girl my chances for adventure are limited but this should be possible with some forward planning.”
  • Chris Pountney: “My New Year’s Resolution for 2013 is to swim the English Channel, or at least give it my absolute damndest best try. I tried to swim it once before, back in 2008. I wasn’t quite good enough and ended the swim after fourteen and half hours still some three miles from France. Since then I have put off making another attempt. Somehow, knowing just how hard something is going to be makes it even more difficult than the unknown. But I shall put it off no longer. 2013 is the year. I won’t be able to actually swim the Channel until August, but by June I must have spent six months training hard, gained vital insulating body fat, worked to earn money for a support boat, and be mentally prepared for the challenge of a lifetime.”
  • Christine Clark: “I have recently added a new qualification to my portfolio. Safe talk is an International 3 hour suicide prevention awareness qualification … The aims to create a suicide safer society… My resolution is to train 2013 people in 2013 in this way filling society with people to are much less likely to miss ~ dismiss ~ or avoid another person who is suicidal. There have been an estimated 1000 more suicides in the UK in the last year ….. when people are in crisis they reach out to other people … it would help if those people were more knowledgeable ~”
  • Christopher Morshead: “Part One: I will cycle the 2200 km from Winnipeg to Ottawa and raise $2200 in the process.
    Part Two: In August I will marry my longtime friend. “
  • Colin Farnworth: This is probably not the year for a ‘big trip’ as our family commitments are too great.So it is a microadventure for me. I will resolve to cycle from my home in the Peak district to my In-laws in Somerset, wild camping along the way. You will receive more ambitious plans but I am prepared to commit to this.
  • Dale: “To complete a Sprint triathlon in March/April, a Olympic distance triathlon in June and a half Ironman in August/September. I will also cycle from Lands End to John O Groats; I started the journey 3 years ago and had a accident which lead to a broken arm and so I’m keen to complete the journey. I am also going to keep make a record of the main things I achieve everyday to make sure i make the most of every day.”
  • Damian Watson: Meet Oprah Winfrey
  • Dan: “1. Build my online business,, so that I am earning at least 600/month from it by the end of next year, putting myself in a position where I can freely travel and write without having to worry about financial constraints or the constraints of a (normal) job.
    2. To set off to trek the Cape Wrath Trail solo at the start of August next year.”
  • Dan: I would like to commit to finishing my Masters Dissertation. I am planning on spending at least 1 day a week until completion. This is part of a greater plan to allow me to eventually travel more.
  • David Charles: To get our sitcom about anarchists and capitalism made into a major TV series!
  • dexey: “A bivi night by myself. I’m not afraid of spiders, slugs, earwigs or mad axe men.”
  • Dylan: To have more confidence in myself and to follow through on things. To stop putting other people first. Become a morning person and get back into swimming.
  • Ed Obolensky: Nice Ironman
  • Elwyn Summers: “Alastair, I really enjoy reading your blog and I found that this post really got me thinking about what I want to achieve next year. I haven’t really got any resolutions; I have just got some small personal goals, challenges & micro adventures (inspired by your year of micro adventuring) that I would like to at least attempt next year.
    – Run my first marathon.
    – Attempt the Welsh 3000’s 24 hour challenge.
    – Weekend backpacking trip of the Bob Graham round.
    – Start to learn a new language (Spanish).
    – Climb my first Alpine peak.
    – Travel on the Trans-Siberian highway.
    – 100 consecutive press ups (currently on 25 max)
    I think if I can achieve or at least attempt this list in 2013 then it will be a great year for me!”
  • Fernanda Rodrigues: It is to start my own business as a instructor of young children (3-5yo) on nutrition. I have the project more or less designed and am looking for partners (dietician and psychologist) and will start interviews with potential clients (day care and kindergarten) early next year. 🙂
  • georgie: “I will only drink booze at weekends (no matter how much work stresses me out). I will try to do a weekend bike tour at least once a month. And that should be good for planning the 350 mile tour I hope to do late summer. I will read more books! I know that might not seem like much – but when working full time and being a carer I think it’s enough of a challenge after how busy my last six months have been.
  • Graham Pattle: Great post and great idea Alastair! My resolution for next year is to really take my running seriously and step up to run my first marathon, which I WILL run in under 3 hours. I should have run my first one last year but backed out due to some niggling injury. However I felt I could still have run it. No excuses for next year though!
  • Graham Wilson: I will be cycling the End to Ender in 2013. No, not Le Jog, it will be Sweden’s End to Ender. Scandinavia is a great place to take a bike.
  • Gunther Desmedt: I will ride the Tour Divide, bikepacking from Banff to Antelope Wells, in less than 25 days.
  • Hannah: To bivvy at least once a month for the next year.
  • Harrison GL: “As I am still at college For the first six months I plan to spend more time in the sea, less time inside. Ride, run and swim more go to new places, spend time with freinds. Keep it simple Save and have fun! for the next half of the year there will be big changes such as finishing college closely followed by turning 18. I plan to travel back to NZ where I spent the last 10 years of my life, visiting as much as I can between here and there. Following the sun for a chistmass on the beach in NZ once again.”
  • Hermione Taylor: “Well, I’m yet to make my own resolution, but we’ve been inspired by Will asking his friends to make their little resolutions here on The DoNation, like walking up the stairs, eating less chocolate (standard!) and eating local seasonal food:
    Would love to see more people making resolutions to ‘Do a do’ and go on a mini-adventure, raising their own Do sponsorship as they go…”
  • Ian: Get back to 85kg (around 15% body fat). I need to be in good shape for future travels, and adventure goals I have planned.
  • Ian: Cycle coast to coast. I have wanted to do this all my life and have never got off my behind to do it….This IS the year. I lost my father to lung cancer a couple of weeks ago and this will be a way of showing dad how determined, organised and fit I can be. Out of a negative will come a positive. Come on!
  • Indie Gandolfi: My resolution is to finally work up the courage up travel solo. After somehow facing down an armed mugger on a Malaysian beach with my best travel girlie a couple of years ago I’ve been too nervous to go it alone, but this year is the year! And not going anything by half measures, I will be heading to Papua New Guinea for almost two months – gulp!
  • Jack: I’m going to walk up and ski down the three highest peaks in each of the 3 Valleys, France, within 24 hours.
  • jack atkinson: To complete my first ultra marathon
  • Jack Watson: “I am no athlete… no fitness freak or gym bunny. I am a dreamer. And I have just started working in New Zealand which I intend to cycle through next (Kiwi) summer. All the way, from Cape Reinga to The Bluff, the whole of North and South Island with the eventual goal of following in Al’s footsteps and pedalling Cape Town to Cairo.”
  • Jake McManus: To get fit (body fat down to 10%, to be able to run 10k in an hour), and get a first in my degree. I want to stop being lazy, stop mucking about drinking and start doing a full days work everyday of the week.
  • Jakob: running my first marathon in october
  • James Kennedy: My resolution this next year is to make it possible to through hike the Appalachian Trail in 2014. This will require planning, acquisition of gear, money, and people to support me over the hike, and convincing my parents/relatives/friends that it is a good thing – not a crazy thing – for me to do. I have been dreaming about this hike for a few years now, and my graduation date from university is coming up this next December. It is time for me to live. It is time to hike.
  • James Youngman: “I’m on verge of giving up alcohol permanently, but was persuaded to try a year first – why? When I’m training can happily go long periods with very little or no alcohol consumption and it doesn’t especially stress me. However, it’s periods when I enjoy a drink that concern. I tend to drink mainly spirits and wine, usually preferring vodka with orange juice. I mainly drink at home, usually at weekends, and it’s my “”had enough”” level that concerns me. Seem to get through least half a standard bottle of vodka in an evening before I’m content enough that I’ve had enough. Sometimes it’s been known to be more than half a bottle. I never set out to get “”drunk”” just drink for enjoyment / pleasure – and it is this that concerns or, more likely, will catch up with me BIG time one weekend. I’m 45 now, and it worries me, so I am committing to NO ALCOHOL in 2013 – and if I survive that maybe give it up for good.”
  • Jamie: I will cycle to the equator from England.
  • Jason Walker: I am going to apply to study Creative Writing at university – at the age of 28.
  • Jean Seddon: I’m a 57 year old woman and I’m walking the 500 mile Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain in April with my lifelong friend. Although I’ve walked all my life and have walked one long distance path in my 20’s this is the biggest thing I will undertake-ever! I have been telling everyone I care about, because I believe it will be harder to back down and because I value any support they can give me. I have been training but need to step it up now to feel as fit as I can for the challenge. I am really looking forward to it and am also feeling anxious. Can I do it? Course I can!
  • Jim McDougall: I am 52 and in reasonable health, but I snack far too much and am putting on the pounds. My work is about 4 miles each way. I am going for a modest aim- to walk to work at least once a week, come rain or shine.(well, rain, mostly) Maybe this will become a microadventure in the south side of Glasgow! The petrol money thus saved in a term will go to support a Kiva microfinance project.
  • Joe Harrington: “I am 57 years old and took early retirement in July, with the blessing of my long suffering wife, so I can fulfil some of my dreams before it’s to late! As a result I will be cycling, solo, from my home in Cheshire to Geneva, through France then returning via the Rhine valley into Holland then ferry and back to Cheshire from Harwich. So there we are, my resolution is out there for everyone to see! By the way my wife, Doz, blames you!! I’ve never been the same since I attended a talk you gave In Chester a couple of years ago. Thanks for giving me the nudge I needed.”
  • Jon Beardmore: “My resolution is to travel overland by vehicle from London to China and back, through Central Asia. Travelling from London to Russia we will join the Silk Road and head east to China though the “”Stans”” north of Afghanistan. We will then to head south via Laos to Malaysia in South East Asia. After shipping the vehicle to India we will head west via Nepal, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and finally Europe to London. The Great Game Expedition 2013. My aim is to explore present day Central Asia along the former Silk Road routes, retracing the steps of the players and the historical events of The Great Game. Through the interaction with the local people, cultures and landscape, the aim is to compare and contrast the historical version with modern day Central Asia. You can follow the trip via my website: 2013 is going to be an exciting year!!”
  • Jon Pinsker: Starting from today I stop procrastinating, crack on with my revision and pass my medical school finals in March. I will then celebrate my success by having an adventure in which I will cycle through Europe to Africa.
  • Jordon: First backcountry trip with my son. Walking out to the historic Grey Owl’s cabin with my son in Waskesiu National Park.
  • Ju Lewis: I will train for and run at least two multi terrain 10ks, just for the feeling and the environment, in order to be able to keep up with my DofEers, who every year get further away from me in age…and I will use my new bivvy bag at least six times to sleep under the stars (hopefully!) and get my best buddy to come too. We are both mums to two boys each, all under 5, so this is a challenge of logistics but will make us better mums for reminding us of pre-mum hood adventures, and who WE are!
  • Kelly Stewart “To solo hike across Iceland. As I write this I am lying next to a fire place icing my knee after a Christmas Eve knee surgery. I studied abroad in Iceland during college, living in a small village (Solheimar) for three months. At the beginning of my time there our group went on a very brief ‘backpacking’ trip on Iceland’s famous Laugavegur trail. I was in love. Subsequently, I spent just about every night (I had classes during the day) out hiking to the horizon. And vowing to myself that I would return and hike across the island. I graduated college, began a cross-country bike trip and about 1700 miles in suffered a serious knee injury. It’s derailed me for almost four years. But this goal has been quietly sitting there all along. Patiently waiting. With this last (and hopefully final) knee surgery and the removal of two very long screws out of my tibia tubercle, I can feel that this is the year! All my surgeons and PTs have given me a green light for a return to an active life and this goal, hiking across Iceland, is how I want to start it. I figure with my honed sheep herding skills, 7 memorized Icelandic words, stellar 5th grade compass ability, and love for rain and wind, I’m set. I’m not sure how it will come together, but I think my motivation and perseverance paired with elasticity will allow this to happen. So there it is: My goal for 2013 is to solo hike across Iceland. South to North. Preferably in the summer.
  • Kevin Post: I live in Florida roughly 15m above sea level but want to train the best I can to summit +5000 meter peaks and be able to flash 5.12 sport climbs (roughly 6b in the U.K. scale). I have only once flashed a 5.12 on top rope but I want to be able to do this regularly. My wife and I joined a gym and we are already members of the local climbing gym; I don’t have an excuse.
  • Kingsley_zissou: “A friend once said to me that “”none of us really live, we simply exist””So my resolution is to simply feel alive in any given situation I find myself in, whether it be walking a new spot, hiking a mountain, riding my favourite trail on my beloved bike or any sudden rush of endorphins I get from doing something new and adventurous.
    So many of my life’s trials and tribulations contribute to things getting in the way of this feeling that I crave so my answer will be to start small and work my way up the adventure scale till I reach the dizzying heights of that goose-bump feel that makes the hairs stand up on the back of the neck when you’ve experienced something “”real”””
  • Laura Nowak: “Give blood the maximum number of times in a year (4).
    Break a record (be part of a group to break an existing one or make a new one).
    Try one new (healthy) food or drink a week.”
  • Liam Wilton: “To be able to do 20 pull ups, I can currently do 5. 100 100Kg dead-lifts in sub 12 minutes (Ten tonne Tessy). Improve my French and German to a adequate standard.
    Complete my first solo Arctic expedition in March. “
  • Liz Rotundo: “I will finally reach my goal weight.”
  • Loretta Henderson, “After exhausting myself for years with excuses, my favorite one being can a woman really do this alone?. I flew to England and purchased Pandemic The Magic Bicycle. I then pedaled a crossed Oceania, Asia, The Middle East and south into Africa. This past year, after a rough day in Ethiopia with a face full of big ole tears, crouched over a world map, I said out loud to myself Just keep trying, you are almost there…. I write this now while giggling somewhere near the Malawi/Zambian border because this years resolution is an easy one.
    I am proud to say in 2013, not only will the WOW (WomenOnWheels), a manual for the solo female adventure traveler be released but I will also be arriving by magic bicycle to the end of my map…Capetown, SA, Africa here I come.”
  • Lorraine A: “me” year… 2012 was taking care of others, so I would like to climb another mountain & prepare for an O/S move…
  • Mark Edwards: Drink less, Ride more, run more and spend more time with my daughter.
  • Micha? Lachowicz: Going to my first far journey! Save the rest of money for a ticket and fly!
  • midori: I would like to change the law if it is wrong
  • Mike F: “To complete an organised off road 10k run (such as the ASICS Wildman). To complete a road sportive between 50 and 100 miles long. To complete a triathlon.”
  • Molly: “It seems cliche, but my resolution is to get into really great shape– like best shape of my life- for these reasons:
    -To be ready to thru-hike the Colorado Trail solo (with my dog) in 4.5 weeks this summer
    -To look hot in a bikini when I get to go meet up my adventuring better half while he’s riding his motorcycle through Central and South America
    -And obviously for health, but that’s not as exciting. “
  • Nick: “walk the larapinta trail
    run a sub 40min 10Km
    take my 7 yr old on overnight hikes
    watch Cadel win the Tour “
  • Nicki Bateman: “Having struggled with my weight for many years, I took up running this year but lost my motivation a few months ago. I’ve set myself the challenge to get back into it and lose 2 stone by March, plus enter a 10k race, something I never thought I could achieve 12 months ago. I will achieve it and I will be so proud of it.
  • Nicola: I will run, do yoga and eat healthily – look after myself well!
  • Oliver: My resolution for next year is to complete the west highland way, and the great glen way. I plan on a two week backpack in scotland in june to complete them. It will be my first Backpacking trip and i’ve organised it with a few friends to make sure that we do it.
  • Pablo ( During 2013 I will quit my actual job and start to ride a bicycle direction East. No time limits, no budget (not much money), just pedal and live for years.
  • Patrick: Depressingly I sometimes find that I am rereading blog posts or some comment made by someone in a forum three years ago about when they lost their ultralight gore-tex down tea cosy on Striding Edge and other such interesting things. Somehow that and reading endless reviews of kit and other mind clogging junk has become a substitute for the eventual goal of the reading – to go outside. So in 2013 I am going to endeavour to spend more time in the great outdoors on legs, wheels or anything else. Also, instead of jetting of to some corner of the globe I will, inspired by the wonderful words of Robert Macfarlane aim to see more of the islands that make up my home and especially my native lands of Dorset. Oh – and I should probably read more. And do more work at school.”
  • Paul Collett: ” Hitchhike around Europe from May1st to mid June where I’ll return home to North America.
    – Less time focusing on what I can and should do, and actually spend more time out of doors (for a fit person, I spend more time worrying about getting through something than anyone should).
    – Hike the East Coast trail in my beautiful home province. ALL OF IT. It is free, beautiful and right there. I’ve done parts of it before, but never any overniters. Time to buck up.
    – Once back in N.A., complete a 1week cycle tour somewhere.
    – When teaching work resumes in September, spend at least 2 nites per month(on the wknds obviously) out of doors under my tarp, or in my bivy or tent. NO EXCUSES.
    – Stop wasting my time reading and dreaming and talking about doing things I enjoy and just go do it. Not to tell anyone about it, but just to do it for my own well being.”
  • paul cosway: “*save 6000 in 2013 to start my own bike ride
    *pay off all my debts
    *learn spanish
    *stop gambling
    *learn a musical instrument
    *be nice to my brother(probably the hardest thing)”
  • Phil: I’m going to devote time once a month to pursue my two passions outside of family and work: The Great Outdoors and Amateur Radio. I’ll plan my own “radio microadventure” each month: Hike, Bike, or Climb to some wilderness location near my home. Bring portable radio gear capable of making contacts with other radio operators around the world using morse code. Log several contacts, and then return home. I plan for these to be day adventures, and hope to incorporate some camping during the year. Hey, this is kind of “geeky” but I’m excited to combine the physical challenges of the outdoors with the mental challenges of getting a portable radio station on the air.
  • R Duras “- run half marathon in Zagreb (November 2013)
    – run at least 3 more official runs (5k, 10k,…whatever)
    – bike at least 4 100+km rides (one day ride).
    Currently I doubt I can run more than half kilometer without stopping and generally I am in a very bad physical shape so these goals are challenging. Plus I have two youngsters (2 and 5 years old), full time and one part time job and that makes this also a time management challenge. Regards from Croatia…
  • Ravish: “The first few resolutions are the ones that have spilt over from 2012, here we go: 1. Not to be judgmental about people, no prejudice, no preconcieved notions. 2. Learn to drive, this is a long pending one, since 2010. 3. To go easier on me and not be do demanding and harsh on myself, take a holiday more often, drink a mug of beer more. 4. Learn a new thing to do, missed it this year. New ones for the coming year, hard thought without the haze of champagne and the likes:
    1. Learn atleast one new thing, anything, from sewing to flame throwing
    2. Train and run my first full marathon at the kaveri trail marathon, 2013, before I turn 30
    3. Go out to atleast one himalayan trek this year.
    4. A two thousand kilometer motorcycle ride in the western ghats, the route is mapped, the motorcycle is ready, my lazy butt hasn’t been.”
  • Ricardo Letenski: “I followed the microadventures in 2011, and I identified a lot. Today I realize that I was always a microadventurer. My resolutions for 2013, would be the adventure of looking more seriously and devote myself to climbing big walls, but with the arrival of children have to balance work, love of family with a passion for nature and adventure, so I’m working a blog (as a motivational tool) that fits your concept microadventures thus following in his footsteps 2013 will be my year microadventures.
  • Rich: To spend 10 minutes each working day taking concrete steps towards landing a new job. There’s nothing wrong with my current job – I enjoy it (mostly), and I know plenty of people would like it, but I don’t have the same zeal for it that I once did; I am becoming, in your memorable words, mentally flabby. So I commit to kicking myself out of my comfort zone next year.
  • Richard Eastham: Walk the three peaks (Ben Nevis, Helvellyn and Snowdon) in a weekend and transport myself between the peaks on a motorbike. And write up the ride report on line. (I’ve not heard of anyone else doing it on a motorbike)
  • Richard Westover: “I will qualify for the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii in 2013. Having raced my first Ironman in 2012 at the UK race in Bolton, and missed out on qualification by a few minutes I’m going back there to claim my slot! Preparations are well in progress, see you in Kona!”
  • Rory T: Try 52 new things (1 for each week)
  • Rosemary Kelly: My sons have finished college and set out on their own lives. When that happened it was a difficult time for me. Depression set in. One of my sons said mom, remember what you loved to do before you had kids; thats what you need to do. I thought back to my twenties (over 30 years ago). I led bicycle trips across USA and throughout Europe. Bike touring was my passion. It all stopped for quite some time having more important priorities. I have committed to myself that I will make a few weekend trips this summer with full camping gear. I also intend to do a day trip of at least 50 miles by the end of June, of 75 miles by August and a century in the fall. I also have my sights set on cycling across the USA again when I am 63 years young. Alastair, you are inspiration. I just got through two of your books they are wonderful. Can’t wait for my next read.
  • Sandy Van Soye: “My goal is to write my first book before the end of 2013 about Trekking the Planet. Perhaps some background will put this goal into perspective. Trekking the Planet is the name we gave to our 14-month around-the-world journey. We are visiting some of the most remote places on the planet with the goal of getting students curious the world beyond their current boundaries. To date, Darren and I have visited 44 countries over the past ten and a half months. By the time we return home, our plan calls for us to visit another nine countries, bringing the total to 53 countries on six continents. We spent a lot of time in the developing world in fact, more that 50 percent of the time. Our trip has been challenging at times, but also very rewarding because it is here, on the fringes of civilization, where the world is currently undergoing the fastest change. We did not approach this trip as an extended holiday. Rather, it was designed to put us in contact with new landscapes and unfamiliar cultures. Some examples of places on our itinerary include the Phongsali province of Laos, the Mustang region of Nepal, western Uzbekistan near its border with Turkmenistan, above the Arctic Circle in Northern Sweden and the Tigray region of Ethiopia. Because we avoided flying when it was safe and practical to do so, we have often ended up in places that receive very few visitors. We spoke to locals when we had the chance sometimes using a guide to translate. To date, we have visited a total 18 schools answering the student’s questions and, in return, asking a few of our own. The book will cover what we saw and learned during our travels. We are sure when we return to the US, it is going to be hard to find the time to make this project happen. So we appreciate your offer to ask us how it is going after six months. Our website can be found here:”
  • Sarah: I’m going to take part in a mountain biking challenge… any recommendations or advice welcome!
  • Sarah: “It’s not really a resolution, more a to do list, but here goes:
    1) photo a day – every day I will take a picture of something that represents my. Could be anything from a beautiful sunrise to a daft self-inflicted injury.
    2) read a new book per month
    3) try a new restaurant per month (my personal favourite)”
  • Simon Day: To undertake one microadventure in every month of 2013. I don’t know what all of them will be yet, but I do know the first one. In January I will walk to work and, importantly, arrive on time! In my case this will mean a walk of around 35-40miles and will hopefully make a refreshing change from my daily M25 commute. I will sleep en route in a bivvy sack. After that I’ll be looking to rope friends in to 11 more microadventures over the year.
  • Sini a Glogoki: “My Resolution actually has many Resolutions. I intend to finally write a book about my travels from cycling to Syria, meeting nomadic tribes in extremely cold north eastern Siberia and struggling through the dense jungle of Guyana. I also intend to finish editing and publish the documentary film I was recording in Guyana. I intend to visit Bangladesh and create more personal and global issue oriented documentary photographic stories. I intend to run my first Marathon and for the first time in my life work hard and get good abs 🙂
    I also intend to finish what I started and unfortunately immediately stopped (salt water destroyed camera) in the summer 2012, to paddle in a sea kayak along the whole Croatian coastline following many beautiful islands. I intend to coordinate a film crew and document the expedition to Croatia’s deepest cave(-1421m) and publish a documentary by the end of the year. My biggest wish is to have much more Resolutions this time next year. Talk to you in six months, cheers :)”
  • Sophie: So, my resolution is to do an open water swim – not sure where yet, one of the Hong Kong events, or if I can organise it the Tabarca / Santa Pola (Spain) one in the summer. It needs to be more than a couple of miles for the challenge and be in warm water with no sharks – this could rule HK out!
  • Sophie Grace: Field I am going to go trekking in Nepal in May 2013. Nepal was the planned return leg of a journey I started 11 years ago when I first left England. I ended up staying and living in Australia instead and have never made the trip. Each year I have said that I will go but have not got round to it. This year I am going. That is my commitment to me.
  • Steve F: “I’ve struggled to settle on a resolution that is achievable an measurable. Therefore it seems that I have come up with several, some more measurable than others Hopefully they will reflect my desire to spend less time at work and more time enjoying myself Over the last 3 or so years I think I have had my priorities the wrong way round. So here is my list:
    Get fitter. I am currently the most unfit I have ever been. Yesterday I signed up for this ( which is the first step. I know it’s not far but it is years since I have even entered a race so it’s a first step. Not sure how to measure my fitness (perhaps I should use your technique of running as fast as I can from my front door and see how far I get).
    Try more new foods. My partner and I both like cooking but we don’t always pick up those odd looking fruits/veg you see in the shops so we are going to start experimenting more. We had initially said one new food a week but I don’t want to put numbers on it.
    Get out and see more. Last year I only managed 2 microadventures and 1 slightly larger adventure. This year I want to do more than that. So I guess at least 3 microadventures and 1 or 2 bigger trips. I have already started to plan a trip to Canada and must make more time to go on microadventures with friends.”
  • Steve Perry: “For the last couple of years I have been torn with regards to life direction. I have spoken to many people about it and have discovered that quite a few people are sharing my lack of direction or, as others have put it, being scared of change. What I mean by this is I have been incredibly challenged during the last few years with a fear of heights. Being the person I am, I could not let this go and worked long and hard to beat this fear. I am happy to say that I am no longer afraid of heights and have, this year, enjoyed rock climbing in many areas of the UK including winter ascents of the North Ridge of Tryfan and Bristly Ridge, winter grades I/II and II 2/3 respectively with crampons and ice axes. Now on the outset this may sound great. And thinking about it, it is and I am super-proud of myself for doing it. However, it’s turned into an addiction and I still feel like I have to keep on proving to myself that I’m no longer afraid of heights. Now I know deep down that I wouldn’t have climbed these things if I was afraid of them so I know that I’m not but it’s a feeling that is driving me nuts and it’s stopping me from challenging myself in other ways in life such as launching my own business and entering solo mountain bike events around the world. In other words, I think it is now holding me back and stopping me from changing in other ways. So this is my pledge. This is my promise to myself, yourself and to the rest of the world for 2013. I am going to let climbing go, even if just for one year, to focus on mountain bike racing and events around the UK and the world, and putting my all into going full-time self employed. I’ll climb for general fun here and there, and of course bouldering’s good cross-training for mountain biking early in the season, but my main focuses are going to be, as follows;
    1: Be full-time self employed as a graphic designer and website developer by the end of 2013.
    2: Devote good quality time each week to helping other people get active by leading mountain bike rides and coaching others to help them get fit and active under the name of Positive Altitude ( I will log rides and experience to work towards my British Cycling Coaching and Leading qualifications.
    3: Race Solo and finish in the top-5 in my category in the Enduro 6hr in May 2013. This experience will also help me coach others.
    4: Race Solo and finish in the top-5 in my category in another mountain bike race, somewhere in the world, probably a more mountainous / adventurous location. Possibly the Eiger Bike Challenge in Switzerland. Again, this will help me coach others more effectively.
    5: Be kind to myself and allow myself to fail at things.
    And also… I’m running away from my real dreams of climbing amongst the world’s largest mountains — the greater ranges — because the vastness of it all scares me. Actually, being out of my comfort zone scares me. Riding my bike, even racing long endurance events is within my comfort zone and I was kidding myself saying otherwise, climbing the world’s largest mountains is so far out of my comfort zone that I can’t explain. So I pledge to myself, yourself and the world to try my hardest to make every day an adventure. Even if it’s simply going for a walk down a path that I’ve never trodden — a micro-adventure. I also pledge to challenge myself and to follow my heart and if that means climbing these mountains, or at least trying, then that is simply what I must do to follow and live my dreams. It’s time to stop running away. I have conquered my fear of heights and of that I’m proud. It’s now time to conquer my fear of being out of my comfort zone and to live to know that it’s when I am out of my comfort zone that I am really living my life and truly learning new things about the world and myself. It’s time for Steve Perry to travel and experience the world our there and to start living outside of his (my) comfort zone. That is my final pledge and resolution for 2013. Writing down my previous submission and also answering your ‘20 Questions‘ has really made me think and to be honest with myself. So for that I really thank you for opening my eyes. I know what I must do. Steve Perry ‘Adventurer'”
  • Sue Lafferty: “I am getting on my bike every week. It has sat in the shed for six months and has been used about four times! I have been challenged to a mountain bike ride the full length of Wales (April) -wild camping en route – and I have said ‘yes’ to it. 🙂 “
  • Susan Briggs: I’m going to do something new every week of the year, all within Yorkshire – so by end of the year, I’ll have done at least 50 new things. They’ll be activities I’ve never tried before, new creative endeavours, discovering places I’ve never been to etc. As part of this, I’d like to inspire others to pick up Al Humphreys’ idea of “micro-adventures”
  • Thomas: Another Microadventure.
  • Thomas Gaughan: My resolution for the year of 2013 is to go for it, I have always had a major passion for adventure and have always wanted to get out there and explore but have always found excuses which have prevented from doing it, therefore by next year will have completed a cycling trip around Great Britain. My new years resolution is to plan and circumnavigate the coast of Great Britain unsupported raising funds for dyspraxia foundation and inspiring individuals just to get out there and go for it.
  • Tom Allen: Become fluent in a second language. (I would like to leave the definition of ‘fluent’ open so I can later mould it to my progress or lack thereof.)
  • Tom Evans: To run an ultra marathon and join the Territorial Army!
  • Tracy: After following your blog for the past year, then intending to do my own microadventures last summer and then not following through, I’ve committed to completing all of your microadventure challenges in 2013. I will do at least one per month. The larger goal is to change how I view what’s possible and to get rid of limiting beliefs. I’m fed up and it’s time to get off my arse. Yup. Okay, that’s it! Happy New Year!
  • Trey Jackson: Race in at least 6 OBRA XC races next year as a 220# Clydesdale (am currently almost 240), lining up for a top 3 finish in the series.
  • Vicky Inglis: “With great trepidation, I want to share my resolution in the hope of making it stick. My flatmate Rachel and I have declared 2013 to be the Year of Awesome, with the aim of having some amazing adventures throughout the year. Our main resolution is to run a mile a day during January. We’ve taken part in some multi-day ultra racewalks in 2012, with various degrees of success, and plan on training to turn these into ultramarathon runs by the middle of the year, and take part in the Laugavegur Ultramarathon in Iceland in July. We also want to try out some multi-sport events, and have a couple in mind that include mountain biking and kayaking. I suppose we’d better train for those too. If only I didn’t hate running so much… Rach and I are also in the process of planning an expedition to Arctic Norway to take part in a overnight Nordic skiing marathon in the Spring. Did I mention that we’ve never really skied before? We also want to try out all kinds of wintery adventures whilst we’re over there. Trekking, climbing and building an igloo. There, now I’ve said it to you, it’s got to happen, doesn’t it?”
  • Will A: “Superb timing, just as I was chilling out after work thinking about how tired I was and trying to justify skipping the run. My commitment: For the first 5 months of 2013 I shall train and train, and in May I shall run the Edinburgh marathon: attempting to finish in under 3 hours. Thanks for the kick up the arse! I’m off outside for a bit..”
And a few anonymous ones:
  • “To spend time in the hills – running, climbing, walking and mountain biking as much as is humanely possible. Have bivying micro-adventure(s) doing the above. “
  • “In 2013 I will be working with the most upbeat, motivated,inspiring team who I will find on my glamorous travels. I will give a fantastic talk to at least a few thousand people with the best of feedback. I will also be earning a month what I had previously earnt in a year. My Son will have Disney land booked and my husband and I will enjoy fabulous holidays and have our new sports car “
  • “1) Get back into reading books regularly.
    2) Re-learn to play the guitar.
    3) De-clutter my home. I have a house full of things I no longer need, want or like. I’d be better off if I gave/sold them to someone rather than having them here & irritating me.
    4) Set aside time to get all the boring grown-up administrative crap that modern life involves out the way rather than continually putting it off & leaving it looming. It never takes much time and not doing it leaves it to niggle at me, depress me & occasionally costs me money.”
  • “For the last two or three years I’ve said that I want to walk the St. Cuthbert’s way before I turn 50. 2013 is my last chance.”
  • “I want to complete a triathlon. This to me is about seeing how far I can push my body; I want to break down the psychological barrier that prevents me from taking part in such events. I’m 23 and I already feel like I’m being sucked in to the world of work and consequent exhaustion. I know a triathlon will be hard, nay: grueling. It will require months of training, discipline and motivation. But here is my resolution to you Alastair and your many respected followers. A triathlon will be mine! “
  • To be a better climber. I was struggling on VS/HVS routes this year, so next year that all changes…
  • I want to renew my relationship with art and creativity, I am good at it but somehow I keep postponing…so this year…time to be happy
  • Going to cycle Lejog.
  • “Do – not buy. 2012 was a year of accumulating a lot of kit, reading a vast amount of travel books, and plotting many exciting adventures. Sadly, much of the year was spent buying, not doing….therefore my New Year’s resolution for 2013 is: Do – Not buy. I plan on using what I’ve got – no mote – by fulfilling plenty of my plans and ideas.
    Wish me luck”
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  1. Clare Whiteside Posted

    I forgot to tweet my NY resolution….today at midnight I will have been a non-smoker for 1 week! The first week smoke free in 25yrs!!!!!!! X

  2. “Live more! Although I’m only 19 years old, 2012 was the year when I realized how quickly our time moves by.”

    Amanda said it well, I think.

  3. I was pretty fit, ran the South Downs Marathon in 2011, lots of half marathons, 60km challenge walk etc. then got struck down by a mystery virus early summer 2012 – really knocked me back – for several weeks I was not actually able to walk. Am only now slowly recovering. Goals for 2013: fully regain my health and my lost fitness. Have already made some good progress – lost a lot of weight (despite xmas feasting) started running again – up to 4 miles from only being able to walk, am now swimming 70 lengths – was only able to do 1 length a couple of months back. Will be going to Dubai in April for a chill out and some warm weather, walking the South Downs Way in June, and spending a month diving and hiking around the Philippines at the end of 2013. I’m also writing a book that I’d like to get published this year. 2012 was a bit of a disaster, but I’m looking forward to this year. Good luck to everyone with their fantastic plans! All the best, Tony

  4. Hey Al,

    Thanks for the Mapzine 🙂

    No back out for me now 😛

  5. Thank you so much for the Indian journal.
    Every words, every line, and those beautiful photos had so much meaning for me.
    It was like reading the philosophy book…..
    You are definately the biggest motivator for our life.
    Everybody respect and admire what you do.
    Everybody will support everything you do.
    Good luck to your expedition to the pole? Is that where you are going next?
    You are not lonely….. everybody is there for you.

  6. Hey Al – thanks so much for the mappazine. It’s a real inspiration. I’m going to put it on my wall I think to remind me of what is possible with a bit of imagination and elbow grease.

    Have a great 2013, wherever you end up.


  7. Sue Lafferty Posted

    Thank you for the Mappazine Alastair!

    ‘There Are Other Rivers’ was one of my favourite books that I read last year (on kindle). It was really lovely to see some of the pictures from that trip, although your writing did capture that journey so beautifully.

    I have got off to a cracking start with the bike riding thanks to you. 😉

    All the best


  8. Thanks ever-so for the mapzine, Alastair. It’s very inspiring.

    Off to Norway next month, ice climbing. Should be an amazing adventure!

  9. Hi Alastair,

    Thanks for the mapzine; I’ve really enjoyed reading it an being inspired by your fantastic photographs.

    Rachel and I have made a great start to our resolution, keeping up with the running and signing up to a couple of events. Our expedition to Norway is starting to come together and we’re really excited about the year ahead!



  10. artur melo Posted

    Am I still on time for a new year’s resolution… well either way, I’ll walk to my aunt’s house to the Easter lunch. I’ll walk from my house in Porto to Baião (Portugal). Around 75 km. I’ve already told all my family so I can’t wimp out now. Thus, come the 30th of this month, I’ll walk 55 km and then walk the remaining 20 km in the morning of Easter sunday, to a hopefully deserved roasted lamb. I’m recovering from a torn knee ligament so this will be twice fulfilling.

  11. My resolution last year, and again this year, is to swim (in the sea or a river, not a pool) every day that it is over 33 degrees. I live in Melbourne, Australia. Makes for some mad dashes to the beach after work, but very worthwhile.

  12. Fantastic site i’m intersted within starting triathlon myself i wish to do a good ironman or ironman 85. 3



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