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Shouting from the Shed: Volume 19

Two Sides to Every Story?

Seneca’s argument against travel was, ‘You need a change of soul rather than a change of climate.’ Wisdom or nonsense? I mulled over the purpose of travel in a little film shot in a bothy in Scotland. Watch the Film

I ❤️ U

I appreciate my readers. I like your support. I enjoy hearing your feedback. But I now LOVE my readers after I received this message,

“Dear Alastair,
Just read your latest ‘œshout’…  We are fortunate to own a small bothy [in Scotland]. If you ever want an escape in that part of the world let me know.  Access by foot or boat.  Thought you might enjoy it.  No mobile signal/electricity.
Keep up the good work.

Now THAT is the kind of email I enjoy reading, even more than the angry ones which make me chuckle, like this:

‘œPrat!!! Do you really think people have time to read such crap?
God knows who you could motivate, having read that

Thank you SO much to the very kind family who invited me, a total stranger, to enjoy their bothy. I wrote about my visit (and my fishing disasters) on my blog. Bothy Story Adventure Podcast I planned to share the Big, Mad, Swim Adventure. Sadly, Paula’s trip failed.
I also have been meaning to share the Tough Girl Podcast about female role models. Handy then that Paula chatted honestly about failure on that very podcast. LISTEN The Waterbike Collective

There’s still a couple of weeks left to get involved.
Be a little part of something greater and join a communal waterbike relay along 1000 miles of England’s rivers and canals, along the way collecting one million pieces of litter from the countryside.
Join the Waterbike Collective
Great Adventurers
My new kids’ book has been getting some nice reviews. National Geographic Traveller described it as a “lively, illustrated guide to 20 of the world’s most impressive explorers, past and present, is a joyful read for those aged seven and up.
Buy Your Copy Today
Two Instagrams to Follow
Unlikely Hikers
Normal people having fun in the outdoors. Social media needs more of this!
Wander. Roam. Replicate    
I enjoy this highlighting of boring, imitative Instagram photography. Be original, folks.
Adventurers Doing Good
There are some inherently decent folk in the adventure community. Here are two books with tales of travel and exploration, both raising funds and awareness for charity. Chapeau.
‘The Big Book of Yes:17 Short Adventure Stories’ mixes tales of dramatic life decisions with feats of physical endurance. Find out what could happen to you if you said ‘YES’!
‘The Kindness of Strangers’ is Travel Stories That Make Your Heart Grow. Travel opens our minds to the world; it helps us to embrace risk and uncertainty, overcome challenges and understand the people we meet and the places we visit. But what happens when we arrive home? How do our experiences shape us?
Big Book of YES
Kindness of Strangers

That’s all for now,


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Shouting from my shed

Get the latest news, updates and happenings via my shed-based newsletter.

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