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Winter Solstice Microadventure

If you’ve followed this blog for a while you may remember me trying to rally people to take on a summer solstice microadventure. It was a great success, despite phenomenally terrible weather in the UK in June.
If you fancy a quick reminder of summer, here are three of the best examples of summer microadventures.

Setting the idea as a challenge was a great way of galvanising people to action. People who quite liked the idea of sleeping on a hill but would not ordinarily do it were motivated to get outdoors and try something new.

So here is a fresh challenge. A winter solstice microadventure. The 21st December is the shortest day of the year. The day is short, the night is long. But if the weather is fresh and clear this can be a beautiful season. The sun lies low in the sky, backlighting or silhouetting the world beautifully. And the night is cold and long, filled with stars and the greedy knowledge that you own this night while everyone else is tucked up indoors frittering their lives in front of X-Factor Xmas Specials. You are out there, beneath the glory of the heavens (and freezing your arse off wishing you were back home in front of the telly). And it’s a full moon on the 17th which is always a nice bonus.

Most people have a chunk of time off somewhere between now and early January. Why not spend one of those nights out on a local microadventure? Head out of town with a friend or two. Climb a hill. Crack open a box of 50%-reduced mince pies and a few beers. Earn your Christmas Dinner. Work off your Christmas Dinner.  Do whatever you like. But why not try to squeeze one last night in the wild into these last few nights of the year? Reflect on the year just passed, scheme for the year ahead.

If you decide to do this, please stick your tale up on the Microadventures Facebook page. Pop your pics and stories on Twitter or Instagram. Use the same old #microadventure hashtag to share your story with everyone else.

The good guys at howies and I will keep an eye on all of this. We’ll send a book, a DVD and a t-shirt to the best / dumbest / hardest / most luxurious / most fun submission. There’s a good chance nobody at all will do this, but I suspect that if you decide to give it a go then you won’t regret it.

Husky Dog in the Arctic

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  1. Dan Knapp Posted

    I’m in for this. Sounds great. Won’t do it on the 21st as I already have plans, but will look at the days either side of it.

    Might head to the woods with the hammock and a few beers.

    • With the wee man or without this time?

      • Dan Knapp Posted

        Probably without the wee man this time around, although I’m going to scout the site this week. If I can see a way of making him comfortable, then will take him.

        Sharing a bivvi bag is no longer practical, so I’d need to find a solution to that one. Will try to think of something.

  2. Damn, please stop coming up with more ideas that I can’t get out of my head once the fuse has been lit. I was looking forward to a quiet, lazy and fattening Christmas! Now I have to get off my backside and do this or feel very guilty!

  3. CJ Walbank Posted

    Have a canoe trip with an overnight bivy planned in sunny cumbria, possibilty of a night time paddle to the middle of lake if all the stars are shining bright, shore line open fire also planned with a stack of fire wood ready to take with me.

  4. Karl Gwilliam Posted

    Noooooooo – my Hunka is on my Xmas list so will have to give it a bash with orange bag!!!

  5. Alex Knill Posted

    The plans are already in place – just need to decide which night! Really looking forward to it! Did it on 21st last year – found a little copse of trees to shelter from the wind but the night was cloud free – perfect!

  6. Anne-Laure Posted

    I would have loved to do something for the winter solstice, unfortunately my family arrives on that day from oversea… Instead, I am definitely going out on the 17th for the full moon. Hopefully the sky will be clear.

  7. Okay I’m motivated to do this. Might be over festive period as opposed to 21st. Will definitely post pics.

  8. Awesome picture of the tree and the dog reflecting moods of in winter.

  9. For various boring reasons I won’t be able to get out of the house on the 21st so will wild camp in my back garden, an adventure close to home!

  10. Jason Clark Posted

    I’m in.. 🙂

  11. We are up for this kids included. Will do it before the kids go back to school. Might have to adapt it, as we have a little one, but will have an adventure on a hill in the dark.

    • Shell, the kids and myself have just got back from our winter micro adventure.
      We couldn’t stay all night this time around, but were still out long enough for a great trip.
      We just put together a video and write up here.

  12. budchawla Posted

    Challenge accepted! Check out @budchawla for details!

  13. Planning on going out and enjoying this one next weekend! Really can’t wait, shouldn’t be too bad out in Texas Hill Country.



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